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A few advantages of Dry Cleaning services:
• It will help to reduce shrinkage.
• It will help to reduce bleeding & colour fading.
• It will help to protect the lifetime & texture.

Dry Cleaning Singapore treat your personal items with utmost attention and provide you with these benefits:
Save time and trouble

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Clean and fresh items.

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Difference Between Laundry Cleaning & Dry Cleaning

Almost everyone must have got confused at least sometimes regarding the actual difference between Laundry Cleaning & Dry Cleaning. Well both these terms may look similar in terms of their services, but are very different from each other. While Laundry Cleaning is the process of washing off dirt from clothes using soap, detergents and water, drying and the ironing them, dry cleaning involves the complex process of washing the clothes with chemicals like perchloroethylene and does not use the natural cleaners. Another thing that sets both of them apart is their machine: while the dry cleaning machine cannot be used to do laundry cleaning, the laundry machine is not sufficed enough to do dry cleaning.

Apart from the basic difference, there are various others too. Let us discuss these differences one by one in detail:

Laundry Cleaning:

As mentioned above, Laundry cleaning is the process that involves the same process of washing clothes as done commonly in most households. It uses common detergents to wash the clothes at little more than the room temperature. After that, the process involves the drying of clothes and then ironing it with the help of laundry iron that has more heat than the household iron. The high temperature is helpful in killing off the microorganisms and is suitable for normal clothes, but not for expensive or bulky clothes. Laundry service is very cheap when compared to dry washing and most of the stains are removed in the process. Cleaning at high temperature ensures that all the bacteria get killed in the process and the clothes have a fresh smell.

Dry Washing:

Dry cleaning is ideal for expensive clothes or those that require a lot of effort to be washed. It can work well with a machine and there are certain chemicals that are used to clean the clothes. The solvents that are used to remove any kind of stain or dusts are either used prior to the wash or during the wash, depending on the fabric used. Dry cleaning does not involve the use of water since many fabrics do not respond well with water and tart losing their color. Tetrachloroethylene, more commonly known as perchloroethylene is the chemical used in the process. The chemicals ensure that there is minimum wear and tear while the washing is going on and there is absolutely no fading of color or bleeding from the clothes. Infact more often than not, dry washing gives a boost to the life of the clothes making them fresh and less vulnerable to wear and tear.

More Popular:

The differences between both methods have been discussed by us in detail, but still dry washing is more popular when compared to laundry washing. While simply using laundry washing to wash the clothes, they may start getting mixed with other clothes and the color might start getting spilled. This leads to color bleeding. Dry washing makes sure that the clothes do not bleed and retain their original color.

It is well understood now that the differences between dry washing and laundry cleaning are many. It will be a big mistake from the part of anyone to relate the two. In fact one can choose any of the washing process based on their requirements and the type of garments.
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