Can Soft Toys Be Washed In Washing Machine?

Soft toys are every child’s best friend. However, since stuffed toys can take a lot of abuse and can collect dirt, germs and bacteria, keeping them clean is important to prevent your child from playing with something that can hazardous to her health. Since soft can be hand washed or even spot cleaned to look clean, many parents often seem to be asking the question- can soft toys be washed in the washing machine?. The answer is – yes. Washing soft toys in a washing machine is perhaps one the best ways o f cleaning soft toys quickly and efficiently. While surface washing can make it difficult to get rid of the hard spots found on the toys, using harsh chemicals such as ammonia can get rid of the stains, but can lead to color fading. So, the next time you plan to wash your soft toys, choose to use a washing machine for complete cleaning.


Why soft toys should be washed in a Washing machine.

The fur and fuzz of a soft toy happens to be a breeding place for mold, dust mites, and pet hair and are major triggers with people with asthma and allergies. Apart from affecting people in families where asthma and allergies are present, have soft toys that have not been washed for a considerable period of time can also affect the health of a child playing with it. Washing soft toy in a washing machine not only clean the toy, but also helps disinfect it. Therefore, if you have a sick child at home who keeps his/ her favorite soft toy close to feel safer and more comfortable; chances are the child is transferring that all the bacteria and germs to the toy. In fact, flu germs that are transferred onto the soft toy can thrive on the toys up to 48 hours, increasing the risk of re -infection. To avoid the threat of re- infection, it always recommended using a washing machine to wash all the soft toys of your children.

A great tip to get rid of toy mites found on the toys is to keep the soft toy in the freezer overnight. Keeping the freezer can make it difficult for the mites to survive. Although leaving the toy in the freezer does not kill all the mites, putting them in the washing machine after removing them from the freezer will help wash away any dead mites and their dropping left behind.

How to Wash Soft Toys in a Washing Machine?
Step #1:

Place the soft toy inside a pillow case or a delicate wash protector. Wash protector is usually available with the washing machine when purchasing it. This delicate bag is used to wash your delicate clothing and protect it from lint formation.

Step #2:

Add some mild detergent in the detergent compartment and use the gentle cycle of the machine. The delicate cycle should be set on the lowest spin speed. A you find that the soft toy carries a bit of odor in it, add sprinkle some baking powder on the soft toy before place it n the washer.

Step #3:

Once the rinsing cycle is finished, add fabric conditioner. This will help make the soft feel soft and fluffy after it has been taken out from the washer.

Soft Toys

Allow the soft toy to dry completely before use.
Tips for washing Soft Toys in Washing Machine

· Always stitch up any rips or lose parts of the soft toy before putting it in the washing machine
· Pre- treat any stains using mild laundry detergent prior washing the soft toy in the machine
· Do not use the dryer to dry the soft toy as it may lose it shape or shrink. Always air dry them.
· When drying the soft toys, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight as it may cause color fading.
· Always secure any small items on the stuff toys such as ribbons or bows before placing them in the machine.
· Choose to use an antibacterial cleanser when washing soft toys in the washing machine.

Precautions to follow when using a washing machine to wash soft toys

· Always check the label of the soft toys for washing instructions before throwing them in your washing machine.
· Avoid using a washing machine to wash soft toys that have delicate parts such as glued-on – eyes, sequins or sewn in buttons.
· Do not use the machine to wash soft toys made of wool rayon plus, mohair and alpaca fur.
· Avoid washing soft toys that are too big to fit into your washing machine.
· Remove all the batteries from the toys before washing them.
· Do not use a machine to wash soft toys that are stuffed with foam beads or fiberfill or those stuffed densely with plastic stiffeners or paper.
· Always wash cuddly toys only when using a washing machine. Combining them with regular laundry can encourage the bacteria from the other garments spread on the soft toy.

Wash Soft Toys

Benefits of using a washing machine to Wash soft toys

One of the greatest benefits of using a washing machine to clean soft toys is that it one of the most simple; easy and effective way of getting promising results. Washing soft toys in the machine not only helps you save time to do other chores, but also provides effective cleaning when compared to hand washing or spot cleaning.

Deep Cleaning:

Another great advantage of using washing machine is that unlike spot cleaning, using a machine helps clean the toy from the inside out, providing a complete deep cleansing treatment.

Increase life span:

Washing your soft toy in a machine helps freshen up your soft toy and helps it looking new. As a result, the life of the soft toy is extended, making it last longer.

Machine washing your soft toys is simple and easy and no longer remains a chore. Apart from keeping the soft toy looking clean and fresh, it helps get rid of bacteria and germs that can otherwise harm your child’s health. So the next time you think of washing your soft toys- consider using a washing machine for best results.
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