Why We Are The Leading Laundry Dry Cleaning Company?

    Many homes and businesses in Singapore depend on dry cleaning services. This type of cleaning is the fastest and delivers quick results. There are some particular types of clothes that need to be cleaned through by dry cleaning. Such clothes can be ruined if they are cleaned with water. That can end up costing you a lot. When you are in need of the dry cleaning services, one thing you should always do is find a reliable dry cleaning company. The company that you choose should offer the most reliable laundry services. That said, here are the reasons why we are a leading dry cleaning company in Singapore;

    One thing a good laundry company should have is the experience in that field. We have been in the laundry services industry for over ten years, and dry cleaning is one of our specialties. We know how to deal with different types of clothes that need to be dry cleaned. Also, we understand the quality and relevance of dry cleaning services. We have also worked with different clients for ages, and this makes us a well-developed company that can provide you with the right services.

    The experience is not all that a good company should have. Nonetheless, the experience along with perfect training makes the employees more skilful. Our staff members are trained on how to clean the clothes and other fabrics perfectly. For the new cleaners that join our company, they are offered with the right training. This helps them to develop into highly skilled professionals.

    The dry cleaning agents that a company uses is another thing that will determine their quality. If the dry cleaning agents are not of a higher quality, the company will not offer the right services. With such a company, the clothes might not be well cleaned. Also, if they use the improper cleaning agents, the clothes might be ruined. Our products have been certified, and they are free from toxic chemicals that might ruin the fabrics. We use cleaning agents that are tough on stains and gentle on the fabrics.

    You might have an event, and you want to get your suit or dress ready before the next day. The time might be running out, which means that your suit or dress might not be clean before the following day. If you do not have a company that is ready to offer you the services that you need, you might end up missing the event. We understand the importance and urgency of some events. That is why we are available around the clock. If you call us in the morning, or late in the evening, we will be there for you. We will help prepare your clothes in the shortest time possible.

    We do not only offer quality services to our clients, rather, we also ensure that they learn more about dry cleaning. We will give our clients tips on how to take care of their clothes that need dry cleaning. Dry cleaning can be somewhat costly when you regularly take your dress or suit to be cleaned. For that, we help our clients learn how to keep their clothes clean and how to save on the cleaning costs. Our aim is to help customers keep their clothes clean.

    We care about the environment and the area around us. For that matter, we ensure that the surrounding remains clean and free from the pollutants. We use the right process of waste disposal, and we ensure that the waste doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Our company has the right system for managing the waste, which helps to keep the environment clean and comfortable.

    Our staff members have been well trained to offer the right services to the clients. They will always talk with you in a friendly manner. They are also professional, and they do not get beyond the employee/client limit. This helps you depend on their services, and you can be sure of getting the service that you want.

    The customer service that we offer is very reliable and it is one of the things that many clients like about us. We can be reached through phone calls, where you will talk to highly trained staff. The staff will answer to each of your questions that you ask. Also, they will help you learn more about the company. You can also visit our website to learn more about our services and dry cleaning. We also have an open email address that is dedicated to every available customer. You can send your questions and complaints to the email address, and you will be answered professionally in the shortest time possible.

    Also, we always call our customers after offering the services. This is just to check with them and confirm their satisfaction. If the customer was dissatisfied, they would be asked about their complaint and the matter will be settled in the shortest time possible.

    We offer highly affordable services that are also dependable. Our dry cleaning services are among the best in Singapore, and we have the most affordable services. We understand the need for the dry cleaning services, that is why we are lowering our rates. That doesn’t mean that the quality also goes down. The quality keeps on advancing, but we maintain our dry cleaning costs so that everyone can enjoy our services.

    We are also known all across Singapore, and our executive services are among the things that boost our popularity. The affordable services and the customer satisfaction also contribute to our popularity in Singapore. We serve our customers with loyalty and honesty, which helps us to maintain a good rapport with them.

    With a laundry company that offers dependable and affordable services, you can be sure of getting the right service that you need. These are some of the top reasons why we are a top choice for many Singaporeans. They understand our executive services, and they also get the satisfaction that they expect, so we are sure of working with them for long enough.

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    Difference Between Laundry Cleaning & Dry Cleaning

    With the modern hustle and bustle, many people look for ways to save their time and use it for other responsibilities. Therefore they outsource their laundry duties on the shoulders of professional firms that possess practical experience in cleaning.

    Professional laundry services clean and treat laundry to utmost perfection. At home, many people clean but often fail to treat the dirty clothes; thus stubborn stains usually remain on the garments.

    The professional cleaning companies often offer two primary ways of cleaning fabric, laundry cleaning and dry cleaning. Laundry cleaning is also referred to as wet cleaning or wet laundering. Unfortunately, many people neither know nor appreciate the differences existing between these two methods.

    In both cases, the clothes are initially examined for stained spots. Then, these stained spots are treated to ease their removal at later stages. The decision for which method of cleaning to use is reached after assessing how dirty each garment is, it’s cleaning instructions, and the extent or type of stain if any. Also of note is that the right measure of solvent and detergent is necessary for maximum results. Pressing, straightening, and folding occurs in the latter stages of the cleaning process.

    So, what are the differences between wet and dry cleaning?

    1. Both wet and dry cleaning target at removing stains and dirt off clothes. However, dry cleaning uses a non-water-based solvent while wet cleaning uses water and water-based solvents for cleaning.

    2. Dry cleaning uses a chemical solvent while wet laundering uses cleaning agents, detergents, soaps, softeners, along with water. The most commonly used chemical in dry cleaning is Perchloroethylene (PERC).

    3. In dry cleaning, the clothes are typically loaded into a dry cleaning machine and washed via a process known as tumbling using the chemical solvent. The chemical solvent dissolves the dirt, oil, grease, and other stains on the fabric. Then more of the fresh solvent is added from the pure solvent tank until no dirt is left.

    Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

    Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

    Laundry cleaning involves a commercial-grade washing machine loaded with clothes, water, detergent, and softener. The stains are removed from the fabric via agitation. The agitation is achieved by spinning the clothes in the washing machine as they mix with the water, detergent, and softening agents.

    4. The chemical solvent used in dry cleaning is extracted from the fabric through filtration and is recycled after that. In wet laundering the water used can be recycled and treated for reuse; however, the detergent, softeners and other cleansing agents cannot.

    5. Clothes that are dry cleaned come out of the machine dry and ready for pressing and steaming. Nevertheless, laundry cleaning removes much of the water via the spinning process but the clothes come out of the washing machine damp.

    These clothes are therefore dried in a dryer or hung dried before they’re ready for pressing and steaming. A dryer typically uses hot air to fluff and dry the garments. After drying the clothes are ironed, pressed, and steamed before being folded.

    6. Dry cleaning is a softer washing process relative to the conventional laundry wash. Dry cleaning involves intricate processes and skills that may prove difficult to apply fully at home. Consequently, it’s prudent to trade the expertise of professional dry cleaners for this process. An example is the use of ink remover. The process involved here needs meticulous doing, else it may permanently damage the fabric.

    Of even greater significance in discerning the differences between wet and dry cleaning, is their benefits. Both of these cleaning processes carry with them different advantages for the consumer and fabric.

    Benefits of Wet Cleaning

    • Wet cleaning uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents (water, detergent, and softener) that aren’t harmful to you and the environment. People with sensitive skin may experience adverse reactions to the chemical solvents used in dry cleaning. Withal, steps are being taken to innovate dry cleaning chemical solvents that are safer for the consumer and environment.
    • Wet cleaning is cheaper than dry cleaning. The primary solvent used in wet laundering is water along with detergent and softener. The chemical solvents used in dry cleaning are expensive to manufacture and consequently costly to purchase.
    • Water, detergent, and softener can’t damage fabric; nonetheless, use of low-grade quality dry cleaning material may cause permanent harm to the texture of the fabric.
    • Unlike dry cleaned clothes, laundered garments are odor-free. Most dry cleaning chemical solvents emit the chemical odor while softening agents give a pleasant smell and freshness to your clothes.
    • Wet laundering is energy efficient compared to dry cleaning. Wet cleaning uses approximately 50% less energy than that used for dry cleaning.

    Benefits of Dry Cleaning

    • Attenuates distortion and shrinkage of the fabric. Use of water to clean certain clothes may cause shrinkage.
    • Dry cleaning can remove various sorts of oils, grease and stains from garments. It also works effectively to remove tough and stubborn stains from fabric.
    • Dry cleaning minimizes discoloration, protects texture and reduces bleeding making clothes remain brighter and stronger for longer.
    • The originality and quality of the material or fabric are maintained which works to protect the texture thus increasing the lifespan of the garments.
    • Dry cleaning is a softer washing process hence works extremely well with fabrics such as silk, wool, and long furnishings like curtains.

    Technological advancements and innovations have been tapped to create ecologically sound dry cleaning chemical solvents. Some of the material used contains organic compound such as carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons as the vital ingredient. Hydrocarbons and other organic solvents are environmentally friendly since they’re biodegradable. Also, they are odorless making the clothes washed comfier to put on.

    In conclusion, it’s important to reiterate that both cleaning methods are critically significant in their own distinctive ways. The type of fabric used to make each cloth and the type or extent of stains involved are the main factors used to determine which type of cleaning method to use. It’s also important to ensure you read the tag on your garments to determine which cleaning method is more efficient for the particular clothing, else seek professional advice.

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