5 Myths On Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning And Fact Behind That

After your marriage, you always want to preserve your wedding dress or gown and you take the help of dry cleaning for that. Well, that is the best way to do that, but if you will try to do the dry cleaning of your gown or wedding dress by yourself, then you might make some mistake due to all the common myths about wedding dress dry cleaning. Here, I am going to share 5 myths on wedding dress dry cleaning and fact behind it so you can preserve your wedding gown or wedding dress in the best possible manner.

5 Myths On Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning And Fact Behind That

Instruction labels of wedding gown explain the correct dry cleaning method:

When you will open your wedding gown, then you will see an instruction label that can tell you how to clean your wedding gown. Many people assume that this explained method is that best way of cleaning your wedding dress, but this is not true at all. In fact, if you will try any of those methods, then you may end up having a damaged wedding dress that can be like a horrible nightmare for you. Instead of that it is a good idea that you find a good dry cleaning expert and you take his help to clean your precious gown.

You should use blue tissue to pack your wedding gown:

Many people believe in this myth that blue tissue paper is good for wedding gown. Although it is still not clear how they myth came into existence, but this belief has nothing to do with reality and fact is just opposite to it. Here, you need to understand that blue color comes from alkaline substances that are acidic in nature and you need not to be an expert to understand this simple fact that acid is not good for any cloth including your wedding dress. Also, if it will get wet, then it may leak the color and it can leave stains on your gown. That’s why all the dry cleaning experts recommend you to use only a white tissue paper for your wedding gown preservation as white tissues are completely acid free in its nature.

5 Myths On Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning And Fact Behind That

You should seal your wedding dress in plastic:

This is another common myth that is popular among most of the people around the world. If you are taking your wedding gown from one place to another one, and you want to keep it protected from dust, dirt or water, then it is ok to keep it in a plastic bag for a short time. But if you are going to keep it in the plastic bag for a longer time, then that is not a good idea as it can capture moisture and it can emit fumes that can yellow your wedding dress. Also, it can set permanent wrinkles on your wedding dress due to electric discharge and that’s the reason all the dry cleaning experts recommend you to use a proper wedding chest for storing it.

If you will take out the gown from the chest, it will get damaged:

Although this myth has some factual reasons and that’s why we can say it may damage your wedding gown when you will take it out from the chest. But as said, it may and if you will follow few basic rules while taking it out from damage, then you will never get any issue in it. So, when you take out your wedding dress from the chest, then make sure you wear white and clean gloves so the oils from your hand do not get transferred on the dress. Also, while taking it out from chest make sure you take it out only when you carpet it clean, you have no chance of leaking roof as it can also damage the look. In addition to this, also keep your room free and protects from pets and at the time of opening else they may also increase the chances of its damage.

All the guarantees are similar:

In a normal situation you may believe that all the guarantees that you get on your wedding gown after dry cleaning are similar. However, this is not true and different dry cleaning firms an offer different kind of assurance or guarantees. So, it is a good idea that you evaluate and understand the guarantee before giving your precious gown to any dry cleaning firm and if you get the desired satisfaction from it, then only give it to them for cleaning or restoration work.
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