6 Hidden Danger Of Dirty Curtains

Curtains play a vital role in decorating the homes of Singapore as they enhance its aesthetic appeal and look. Being a Singaporean, you must have curtains on all the windows of your abode as these will prevent the heat from entering your home during the hot and humid summers as well as prevent others from peeping into your home, especially if you live in an HBD flat. Once you hang up curtains in your home, the beauty they lend is just mesmerizing and this is the reason why all Singaporeans love curtains. However, little do you realize how faster they accumulate dirt that makes them a dangerous spot in our home? Read this article to know more about the 6 hidden dangers of dirty curtain lurking in your home.

Hidden Danger Of Dirty Curtain

1. Dust and pollutants:

Curtains in the homes in Singapore can collect dust and pollutants quickly especially if the material is thick and dark in color. Do the kids or elders at home suffer from regular attacks of asthma and bronchitis? Yes! Then these culprits hiding in your curtains are causing it. Therefore, it is essential to keep the curtains clean by opting for curtain cleaning services regularly.

2. Allergens and dust mites:

When the curtain is left without cleaning for a long period of time, it can get dirty, which makes many allergens and dust mites to settle on it. Dust mites are small organisms that thrive well in humid regions of Singapore. This can cause severe cold, cough, sneezing, running nose, congestion and other allergies or skin rashes. As a result, it is essential to avail professional help to keep your curtains clean.

3. Formation of molds and mildews:

This is one among the hidden dangers of dirty curtains that you must be aware of. Shower curtains are the most neglected ones at your home and they tend to get dirty sooner due to the accumulation of lots of grime and soap scum. Mold is a type of fungus and can be in green or black color. Mold spores multiply in moisture and hence your bath curtains are their favorite dwelling place. This can be dangerous for kids, pregnant women, elderly and those who have breathing issues or asthmatic problems. It is, therefore, a primary concern, which needs to be cleaned by a professional with mild detergents to kill all the molds and prevent their growth.

4. Germs:

When the curtains are hung in dark and moist areas, they turn into a breeding place for germs. This is 100% possible in Singapore during cold or wet days, which are fatal for babies and pets at home. So go for a regular cleaning contract with curtain cleaning companies to ensure you eliminate all the breeding of germs.

5. Insects &Pests:

If the curtains become dirty when they are left unattended, they become the hiding place of insects, which lay eggs or multiply causing havoc at home and disturbs your sleep.

6. Pet dander:

This is common when you have a pet at home like a dog or cat. Pet dander loves to stay in places with dirt like unwashed curtain, which can irritate the babies at home.

These are the 6 hidden dangers of dirty curtains in your Singaporean home that you must be aware of to make certain that you get your curtains cleaned regularly.
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