6 Ways To Clean Your Curtain Like a Professional

Curtains are very important in your home considering the great beauty they add to your wall. Considering the curtains are fitted on the window there is high tendency that they will mostly become dirty due to he dust that may be trapped in their fabrics or due to other factors that can make the wall dirty hence the curtains included. For you to achieve the best in cleaning your curtains you can invite experts to your home or take them to where the experts are located. But, in case you will like to save you can clean the curtains by your self. Due to this idea the following are 6 ways to clean your curtain like a professional.

 Cleaning Curtain Like A Professional

1.Take down he curtains and inspect them before washing

This is the first step for you in trying to perform curtain cleaning .In your inspection you should check incase the curtains are affected by the sun where they may be having sun rotting complications .In case you notice sun rotting on your curtain fabrics as a professional it is advisable not to wash them because the sun rotting will lead to the curtains tearing when washing them. The best thing to do is to remove the dust that may be on them gently then organize on how you can get new ones.

 2. Reading labels about the instructions on how to wash the fabrics used

This is another step for you to wash your curtain like a professionals .Different fabrics used in making curtain have different properties hence need to be washed using different methods .After reading the labels about the washing instruction you will be able to use the right methods to wash your clothes.

 3. Use vacuum cleaner to remove lose particles

There may be loose dust particles that may have been collected on your curtains .To remove these particles easily you should make use of your dust cleaner .This is necessary because the dust cleaner will easily remove the dust and enable you use your curtains within the shortest time possible.

 4. Remove hair fabrics that may be visible on the curtains

After curtain cleaning especially vacuuming you may see some foreign particles such as fur from pets that you may have and hair fabrics. To remove these particles and remain with a good looking curtain you should use a lint brush to get rid of them.

 5. Select the best method to wash your curtains depending on their size

In case the curtain you are about to wash are very large it is advisable to use a bathtub because there is pretty high chances that washing them using a washing machine there are high chances that the large curtains can lead to spoiling your washing machine due to their large size.

 6. Take good care of curtain rings

Curtain rings are one of the curtain parts that contribute towards adding beauty to your curtains and the house at large. To ensure you maintain the shiny nature of your curtains during your washing process it is advisable to boil them in vinegar to restore their shiny nature in case they are a bit rusty
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