7 Laundry Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

We think that washing cloth in a washing machine is the easiest job to do. But is it washing really? Do you get the freshness after every cleaning? Have you ever thought why your clothes are not retaining the look and quality for a long? The reason is your washing machine. You use your machine almost every day or every alternate day. However, we give the least importance to the handling. That affects both the performance of our machine as well as the quality of your clothes. In this article, we will focus on seven common laundry cleaning mistakes that you can avoid to retain the quality of your clothes for a long.

Laundry Cleaning Mistakes

1. Choosing any laundry detergent

While choosing a detergent for your machine, you check the price and brand. That’s it. Have you ever checked other things? The answer might be no. Most of the detergents come with some scents. These detergents will not offer perfect clean. The fragrance will only make you feel that your clothes are clean. But the clothes will not be cleaned properly. Therefore, it is important to check the ingredients to ensure that the product is able to clean your clothes without affecting the quality.

• Choose an all-natural cleaning product
• Get a brand that is fragrance-free
• The fragrance will leave more residues on your clothes and dryer

2. Using too much detergent

This is a common mistake. Many of us do this mistake in the perception that we will get a better cleaning with too much detergent. But the reality is different. It will not offer you the best cleaning. Instead, too much detergent will damage your cloth. Overdosing will result in dingy and worn-out clothes after a period of time. In addition, you should not put detergent directly on the clothes. If you have to put all these things together, then you can first place laundry, add water, and then you can add soap. For the right quantity, you can consider the followings.

• Use the measuring cup to know how much you are using
• Go through the direction to know how much quantity is required for a specific type of cleaning

3. Overfilling your machine

Many of us overfill our machine. If a few pieces are left, we will try to clean in one shot. This is something that makes your machine to work hard to get an optimal result. If it continues for a long, it is going to affect both the performance and longevity of your machine. In addition, it will not offer the best cleaning. Your clothes will not get enough space for cleaning. Therefore, you should say never say yes to overload in the sake of saving your time and money. Here are a few things to ensure proper loading.

• Every washing machine comes with maximum loading capacity
• If you have overlooked that instruction, go through the instruction again
• Once you know the loading capacity, you should always stay within the limit

Laundry Cleaning Mistakes

4. Treating all clothes in the same way

You use our machine to clean all your clothes. You are putting all these things together without thinking that many of them can harm the ability of your machine. In addition, if you put your jeans, socks, baby items, and delicate things together, then you cannot get the best outcome. All the items need separate temperature. If you use a high temperature for delicate clothes, it will affect both the quality and durability of your clothes. Here are a few things that you need to follow to ensure a proper cleaning and to minimize the damage.

• Do not mix the socks with your clothes
• Do not leave the zippers open
• Do not wash your shirts unbuttoned
• Use the right temperature for different clothes

5. Scrubbing stains roughly

What you will do when you will find stains on your clothes. You will start rubbing to get rid of the stain permanently. This is the right approach. But do we follow it? The answer might be no. We do not scrub the stain soon after getting it. Instead, we consider rubbing before putting in the machine. This is not the best action. In fact, if you keep rubbing for a long, the stain will spread to other areas. It can also wear away the fabric. You can gently rub your stain from the outside in. You should treat the stains earlier to ensure complete removal.

• Treat the stain as soon you can
• Rub gently to prevent spreading
• Use a white cloth to prevent color transfer
• Dab rather than rub

6. Use bleach for everything

You should think thrice before considering bleach. Beach is not good for all types of stains and materials. If there are protein stains like tears, blood, and sweat, you should not use bleach. Instead, you can consider natural methods. Soak your stained clothes into a big pot of water and add a few lemon slices. You need to bring it to boil for a couple minutes. Now you put them in the machine. Bleaching will weaken the fibers and will harm your material, especially when you use if for spandex, lycra, and elastane.

• Apply natural cleaning method for protein and similar stains
• Bring them to boil with enough water and lemon slices
• Put a white cloth on the stain to soak the stain
• Put the clothes on the machine

Laundry Cleaning Mistakes

7. Not maintaining your machine

We use our machine almost every day. We just put our clothes and take it out. Have you ever done anything to ensure the optimal performance of your machine? Your machine is subjected to dust, dirt, stain, and residue from the detergents. All these things are a part of the cleaning. But these things will accumulate inside your machine. They will go on your clothes causing white stains and bad smells. You can prevent this by considering the following tips.

• Consider airing your machine after every wash
• Make sure residues of the detergent are removed from rubber gasket after every wash
• Rinse your detergent container regularly
• Run your empty machine with vinegar and detergent in every month for disinfection.



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