Can I Laundry Wash Carpet/Rugs?

No home is live-able without carpets and rugs. They form the core of any home furnishing. Carpets and rugs not only help keep the house clean but also create the basics of furnishing and play a major role in home decor. Due to all the walking over a carpet goes through, it is only natural that it gets dirty and requires cleaning. Anytime we walk across, we rub our feet clean over rugs present at different doors such as bathroom doors, balcony doors, main entrance etc. Hence it is very essential to clean carpets and rugs regularly to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the house. But can the carpets and rugs be washed? This is a question that most of us face when it comes to cleaning the carpets and rugs.


Weather carpets and rugs can be washed depends on the material they are made up of. Most rugs are made up of cotton or synthetic fibres. Such rugs can be easily washed in washing machines and dried up to keep them clean and hygienic. However if the rugs have a rubber base that gives them grip and prevents them slipping around, then it is not easy to wash them in a washing machine. In such cases the following procedure can be followed.
· Shake the rug vigorously to remove dust particles. It is advised that this is done outside the hose to prevent the dust from settling on other objects.
· If there are any wet objects sticking to it like wet mud, rinse the rug under running water
· Put the rug in a top load machine along with a few towels to balance the load.
· Set the machine on high load so that it fills up well and gives enough washing space for the rug to move around. Also keep the settings to delicate to avoid the rubber from being damaged.
· Dry the rug well before using it again.


Carpets on the other hand can generally not be laundry washed easily. While some carpets can be washed in washing machines, majority of them are not easy to wash. Hence it becomes essential to hire the services of professional dry cleaners who wash carpets and make them look new again. However, since these services can be expensive and cannot be availed too often, there are some techniques of cleaning carpets at home that will help you keep them cleaner for longer.
· Pick up all bigger objects from the carpet like coins, toys etc. and clear up the carpet to be cleaned
· Vacuum the carpet both horizontally and vertically to make sure all dust from it gets removed. Use the nozzle attachment to reach to corners.
· To clean the spots and stains on your carpet, use a carpet cleaner that is suitable for the fabric of your carpet. It is better to go for a carpet cleaner instead of an all-purpose cleaner.
· Before using the cleaner on the stains, try them on a small inconspicuous corner to check the color fastness of the carpet. If the colour of the carpet does not get impacted, proceed with further steps. If not, try a different cleaner.
· Spray the carpet cleaner on a white colored cloth and use it to rub the area which is blotted gently. This will avoid any mixing of colors from the cloth on the carpet. Wipe the area with a clean cloth afterwards.
· Dry the carpet to remove any moisture. A dryer can also be used for the purpose.


If you are keen on cleaning up the entire carpet at home then carpet shampooing is also an option. For this however, you will need to purchase or rent a carpet shampooer with the appropriate cleaner. There are however a few things to keep in mind while shampooing carpet at home
· Plan carpet shampooing in such a way that you can exit from the room without having to walk over the shampooed carpet. Walking over the wet carpet can lead to marks and stains defeating the purpose of shampooing
· Do not wear shoes while shampooing carpet. However going barefoot is also not advisable. It is best to wear clean socks while shampooing carpet.
· The solution should be used only as per the direction in the bottle. Excessive usage of cleaning solution can damage the fibre of the carpet.
· When pulling the extractor back, make sure to do it slowly. This will enable the extractor to pull out as much liquid as possible making it easier for the carpet to dry quickly.
· It is also a good idea to shampoo the carpet using, using only water or water and vinegar mix to rinse the carpet again. This will ensure that no soap is left in the carpet and will also remove the smell of the soap.

Laundry Wash

While carpets cannot be laundry washed, these methods of cleaning the carpet can help you clean your carpet if it is not very dirty. In cases of extreme dirt, professional cleaning services are recommended.
As important as it is to clean your carpet, it is also essential to prevent the carpets from dirtying up easily. Following the good practices and using the tips below can help you keep your carpet clean for longer.
· Make sure to clean your carpet very frequently if you have any pets at home.
· Any stains on the carpet should be attended to immediately. The longer a stain remains, the tougher it gets to remove.
· Stains of juices, milk, cola etc. that are water soluble can be removed by using a mix of water and vinegar.
· Stains of tea, coffee etc can be washed by using a mixture of one cup water with one tablespoon ammonia. However, this mix can only be used on certain carpet fabrics and tested before usage. Ammonia should not be used on wool carpets.
· Wax can be removed by placing a paper towel over it and ironing with a clothes iron. Heat till the wax melts and ticks to paper towel and comes away.
Professional cleaning services provide the best cleaning results when it comes to carpet cleaning. However, with some knowledge and effort, carpet and rug cleaning can be achieved at home which in turn can maintain the hygiene and health of your house.
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