How to Choose Professional Wedding Gown Cleaning Services in Singapore?

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How to Choose Professional Wedding Gown Cleaning Services in Singapore?

Looking for wedding gown dry cleaning? Wedding is the most important occasion in every woman's life, and her wedding dress, without doubt, is her most precious piece of clothing. You must have spent days deciding your wedding gown, so that you look no less than a fairy-tale princess on your special day. Naturally, the very thought of your wedding dress getting spoiled or having marks can give you nightmares, and this is the reason why you need to take very good care of it.

To make sure your wedding dress gets the exact professional care it needs, you need to entrust the job to the best wedding gown dry cleaning services. If you live in Singapore you should find a dry cleaner that has proper training and credential in wedding gown cleaning. You can easily search the net for the purpose and you will come across many results. Select a dry cleaner who is a certified wedding gown specialist, since he has the right training and experience to deal with all kinds of wedding gown problems like yellowing of gowns, stains and so on. Below are mentioned few important things that you need to consider while choosing a professional wedding gown cleaner in Singapore.

Training and experience
You need to know if the wedding gown cleaner has enough training, how much experience he has, and for how long he has been cleaning wedding gowns. You also need to know if he will be cleaning the dress himself or sending it out to someone else. If he has any online reviews make sure you go through them.

Materials used
Different types of dry cleaning solvents can be used to clean wedding gowns. Some of them can be very effective in cleaning the gown but can be harsh on the beads and embellishments. Other solvents might not damage your embellishments but at the same time will not be that effective in cleaning your wedding dress. Make sure the wedding gown cleaning services you opt for knows how to clean you dress properly while keeping embellishments intact.

Local specialist is the best choice
It will be best if you can opt for a local wedding gown cleaning services since it will be convenient for you to reach the location when needed. Cleaning the wedding dress is a delicate process and you sure would want to check your gown after it has been cleaned and before it is kept in the preservation box.

Enquire if the dry cleaner you are deciding on offers any guarantee against unexpected stains or any yellowing that shows up after few years. Also get to know if the dry cleaner will be able to back up his guarantee. If you are offered a ten year guarantee and the wedding gown cleaner shuts down business in nine years, the guarantee of course will be of no use.

Hidden stains
Make sure to ask your wedding gown specialist is he checks for hidden stains even after the gown is cleaned. Wedding dresses may experience sugar-based or alcohol stains which needs special attention, in particular with silk wedding gowns. The stains in silk dresses need special treatment before the dry cleaning process.

Your wedding dress needs special care, so make sure you spend enough time in choosing the right professional wedding gown cleaning services, just the way you had spent time in choosing your wedding gown.

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