Curtain Cleaning - 6 Things You Should Know

Curtains are probably the most awe-inspiring thing in our home. They not just shield us from sunlight and dust particles but in addition make our home gorgeous, vibrant and eye-catching. Especially in locations like Singapore, there is perhaps not one person who doesn't want to brighten their room with costly curtains that suit with the wall furnishings and furniture. Here are 6 things to know about Curtain Cleaning


1. Must understand Regular Curtain Cleaning is essential

Curtain cleaning is usually overlooked by many householders. Even though curtain can add elegance to the interiors of our house, unclean and dull curtain would certainly do otherwise. Clean curtains bring refreshing life to our home. Cleaning the curtains on a regular basis is much better than cleaning them occasionally. Regular cleaning maintains the curtains vibrant and free of dust. Continuous dust accumulation may cause discoloration or yellowing in the curtain fabric which makes them look unappealing and filthy. Furthermore, cleaning them when they're overly dirty doesn't make them as wonderful as they originally were. So regular cleaning is essential to maintain them looking nice and save our money required to change them entirely.

2. Determining the type of curtain fabric

Before cleaning up our curtains, it is very important to determine which material it is made up of. Decorative curtains tend to be made of sensitive fabric which gets messed up by even gentle machine wash. A dry clean or a hand wash is a more sensible choice to clean such curtains. Layered curtains require exclusive attention while cleaning and may even require recurrent cleaning. Machine wash is a big no for this type of curtain as we may notice poor results and possible damage to the delicate material. Dry cleaning them is the sole means to keep them neat and sparkly. Sheer or Lace curtains can get damaged if placed straight into a washing machine. If we are unsure which method to choose to clean them, consider contacting professionals from virtually any curtain cleaning services available in Singapore to have a crystal clear picture of what exactly is needed.

3. Must check for the washing instructions on the Curtain

Washing instructions will always be tagged with the curtains and it is usually better to go through them cautiously to avoid any unexpected situations which could be a consequence of washing. Different fabrics need various modes of cleaning and if implemented appropriately could keep our curtains from possible damage caused by any negligence.

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4. Must understand modes of curtain cleaning
A. Machine Washing Curtains

When we are machine washing curtains the first time, make sure to check the viability of the detergent used. Test out a tiny patch of the curtain with a blend of water and the laundry detergent. Virtually all washable curtains have to be cleaned with a mild detergent and in cold water. Obviously don’t forget about removing any metal hooks or fittings before we clean the curtains. We can line-dry the curtains. A clothes dryer works as well, but make sure the adjustments are on low.

B. Hand Washing Curtains

Unfortunately not every curtain could be cleaned with a washing machine. If we will be cleaning the curtains by hand, we could use the tub to have sufficient space. Utilize a mild detergent which doesn’t include bleaching agents and combine in cool water. Be sure the detergent has completely blended before placing the curtains in water. The most effective hand washing technique is to carefully squeeze the curtains, and never apply too much pressure. After washing, the curtains may have some wrinkles. A little bit of ironing will eliminate the undesirable wrinkles. As soon as the curtains are dried out and ironed, they are all set for hanging.

C. Dry Cleaning Curtains

Dry clean only guidelines should be performed just as stated otherwise, we risk damaging the curtains. We should look for a professional dry cleaner, where they recognize the delicacy of managing curtains. Dry cleaning not just gets rid of dirt and but also contributes a glaze to our curtains. It is a mess-free way to get our curtains as clean as brand new ones, every time. Furthermore, they are very sensitive to the fabric and maintain it as it is.

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5. Reasons to opt for professional curtain Cleaning Services

If there is a very important factor which describes the décor of our living room and other areas is the curtain. Cleaning curtains might not be an easy task due to its material nature and their huge numbers.

a. It is difficult to clean several curtains at a move when we should meet up with our work duties daily. The good thing is that curtain cleaning service does prove useful in this part of the world. We don’t need to deal with every washing need when there are actually professionals in that.

b. We might have spent a large amount of money on the curtains. Thus, they ought to serve us for very long. Incorrect cleaning methods or not at all cleaning reduces their durability.

c. Many individuals in Singapore have multiple jobs or have commitments that peruse the majority of their time each day. We might want to clean the curtains but might not have plenty of time to do it.

d. Rather than leaving them unclean and unappealing, a trusted curtain cleaning company can perform this for us quickly and to our fulfilment.

6. Things to look for in Professional curtain cleaning company

When looking at finding a company to do curtain cleaning for us, some may debate that this is a costly option. What we need to understand is that a specialist company will give us value for our money. It will likely be really worth investing in one if we want the curtains seeking their finest for long. We will understand that any reputable and professional cleaning company charge a reasonable rate that's been worked out based on our needs and the kind of services they provide. Their rates don't fluctuate every so often. They also don't have hidden costs or change the terms later on.

The curtains are a significant attribute of a room. We would have invested hours selecting the perfect color, design and style which beautifully matches our home. So we actually ought to know the very best techniques to preserving clean curtains. Taking care of the curtains is vital to keep our home stunning and enticing. Curtains require a specialized type of treatment to keep their authentic freshness and appearance. Specially that is why the curtain cleaning companies use a couple of proven methods, technologies, equipment and procedures to completely clean curtains. When we have a requirement of curtain cleaning, we should select a company that provides A-Z total curtain cleaning services holding them back at their unique places without the hassles.



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