Finding The Perfect Laundry Service In Singapore

A heap of dirty clothes can often be stressing when you think about what the time and effort you will need to wash them. However, thanks to Laundry services all over Singapore, you can get them sparkling clean effortlessly. You can simply walk down the street and drop them and you will pass by later to pick clothes ready for use. Some services are only a phone call away making it extremely convenient for you. With the high number of laundry services available, you may wonder which one to pick.

Perfect Laundry Service In Singapore

Here are a couple of things you may need to know before you contact a service.

The Importance of a Laundry Service

Before looking at what to consider when picking a good laundry service, you need to first know why opt for laundry service instead of doing it on your own.
- It saves you time as you can do other important things at the time you were to spend doing the washing
- The quality of cleaning done is higher compared to what you could have done as they have the experience, products and equipment to ensure the best cleaning
- Saves your energy especially in cleaning those clothes with heavy fabrics or other things you may need cleaned
- Good care is given to clothes according to their composition and washing instructions as opposed to generalized washing that you may often do
- Dry cleaning which in most cases not possible at your own house is one service offered and has several benefits
- It reduces shrinkage of your clothes
- Colour fading is reduced
- Your clothes will last you longer
- Laundry services come in handy in case you are on holiday in Singapore away from home

Finding the Best Laundry Service in Singapore

The number of companies available each claiming to be the perfect solution to your laundry needs may be overwhelming. However, looking out for the following features can help you find the right one.

Right Methods
With experience and knowledge, a good service will carefully separate your clothes according to their fabric and apply specific products and washing methods suited for the fabric type. This feature is key because it will determine how good your clothes will look like after the washing and how long they will last. They will always have the right product for every particular fabric and this will be evident in their reputation as it will have a customer base. It is basic human psychology that you will always go back to the place you get the best service and thus build them a customer base.

Perfect Laundry Service In Singapore

Efficiency and Time

A good laundry service understands that the better they clean and the sooner they get you the clean clothes, the better they rank. You may need to do some background check on how long it will take for the cleaning to be done because sometimes you may need specific clothes for some events. Sometimes you may be told it will be ready after a certain period of time only to find that the clothes are not ready. Checking the service up in the reviews online or from regular customers can help save you from stress.


There is always a standard which every business premise maintains and it will be evident in how organized they are. Incase it is a company you are dropping clothes by yourself, do look around before leaving your high quality clothes because how they will deal with them is determined by how well they are organized. Look around for dirt or dust, arrangement of products and general layout of the place. It will be a key pointer to how best they do the laundry service. Clean premises that are well arranged should be the Laundry service you settle for to take care of your clothes.

Pick Up and Delivery

Often an additional service, this feature will make cleaning extremely easy for you because all you will need is to pick up that phone and dial them and the rest is done for you. These companies are often suited for those with busy lifestyles and those on holiday and cannot easily find their way around to their premises. Being online makes it easier for their customers to access them and even enquire about how soon their clothes will be ready incase they are urgently needed. Its definitely the best choice when looking for a good laundry service.

Perfect Laundry Service In Singapore


It is interesting to note the variation of prices with the quality of service and size of business. It may be challenging to choose whether to settle for a cheaper service or an expensive one while ensuring the cleaning is good enough. Here is a simple solution, just match the quality with the cost (value for money) and go for the service which gets you the highest quality service at the most affordable cost.

Other Services

It is not just clothes that need cleaning, the carpet, curtains and other materials also need cleaning. Finding a one stop laundry service that can clean a wide variety of things can help save you the hustle of having to contact different services for all your cleaning. Leading laundry companies in Singapore have diversified the number of things they can clean and are a good choice when looking for the right service. With some offering cleaning services for your home too, it makes general cleaning a walk in the park.

Customer Service

Last but very important is how well the staff will deal with you. You will need to settle for companies where the customer service is efficient with friendly agents who will help you with whatever questions you have from before hiring their service, to delivery and after service. This quality is critical and should never be overlooked any time you need cleaning services. Whether asking about when the clothes will be ready or about clothes that were not properly cleaned, they should respond and institute steps to help you achieve satisfaction.


Laundry services make cleaning an effortless process that will ensure you are always looking good in clean clothes. When picking a service to use, considering the above qualities can help you to find a perfect cleaning service for all your cleaning needs.



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