Great Singapore Laundry Tips

Performing laundry in your home in Singapore can be a daunting task if you do not know how to undertake it. This is a process that requires great skills and time to be done in the right manner. To help you get results, here are some Singapore laundry tips you need to follow to make your work easier.

Singapore Laundry Tips

Ensure that your cleaning machine is clean

This is a very crucial step before you begin your laundry work in Singapore. With a clean machine, you can also expect that your clothes will also get clean as expected. A dirty smelly machine will just make the clothes smelly and makes the machine wear out fast. After you have completed washing the machine, you need to leave it open to air dry it well.

Close all the zips and open buttons

When doing Singapore laundry, you should take your time to make sure that all the zips are closed before you can start washing. This is important to avoid injuries as you do the washing. In addition, closing the zips ensures that other cloths are not destroyed due to friction with the opened zip. You should also unbutton everything before washing. This helps prevent stressing and stretching the buttons and button holes, which can lead to premature poppage and fraying.

Load and use the right cleaning detergent

The detergent you use in your laundry work determines the results you get. It is important to use an eco friendly detergent that has the ability to tackle all the dirt and tough stains on your clothes. To be sure that you are using the right detergent, check the labels on your clothes to find out the most effective detergent to use.

Never overload your washing machine

Most people in Singapore make the mistake of overloading their washers in order to clean the job faster. They do this a way of saving money, time and water, but the disadvantages are more than the benefits involved. If you fill your washing machine, there will be no space for spinning the clothes. This makes the clothes not to be cleaned the way it should happen. Overloading your washer also leads to wrinkles and put the machine under pressure leading to damage.

Rub in the right direction

It is possible to remove a very stubborn stain using the right detergent, but if you rub in the wrong way you can make the stain worse. Rubbing the wrong way also makes the fabric to wear away easily. All you need to do is to follow the preheat guidelines on the label. It is good to note that the earlier you treat these stains the easier it will be removing them.

Singapore Laundry Tips

Never overuse the detergent

Overusing the detergent will not do you any good in making them clean faster that you expect. It is advisable that you follow all the instructions provided on the label and you should never overuse any of the detergents. Using the right amount of detergent help rinse out the clothes easily, meaning that you save a lot of water in the process.

Use the right softener

It is advisable that you finish your laundry work using a natural cloth softener. You should use the softener together with paper dryer sheets. They both work effectively in reducing static cling and make the fabric soft. They also make your cloths have a pleasant smell.

Save energy and time

You can dry your clothes quickly, by placing a fluffy towel into your machine. Keep it there for fifteen minutes and then remove it. This towel helps absorb all the moisture in your clothes. However, you need to check your cloth labels because there are some that should not be dried with a towel.

Delicate clothes

There are some clothes that are very delicate to be washed together with others. Such items include tights, lacy pieces, underwear among others. It is advisable that hand wash them if possible.

Fold the clothes quickly to reduce creasing

Folding the clothes immediately you take them out of the dryer when they are still warm helps reduce the risk of forming creases. In case you do not have the time to fold all your clothes immediately, you should shake them quickly and lay them flat in your Singapore laundry basket. Lay them on top of each other to help keep off the creases.

Singapore Laundry Tips

Dry the clothes properly

It is recommended that you empty the lint trap before you load it in order to enhance its ability to dry the clothes in the right way and prevent fire. It is possible to reduce your energy cost by hanging them on your dry line or rack. Hanging them immediately the laundry work is done help reduce creases. At the same time it is good that you do not overload the dryer to avoid wrinkles.

Why hire Singapore laundry services

If you do not have the time, right skills and want great results in your laundry, there are a lot of laundry services in Singapore that can help you. Despite, that you pay them for doing the laundry work on your behalf, you can expect satisfactory results from them.

There are several benefits involved:

- Working with the services for your Singapore laundry work saves you time you can use to do other tasks. The services have professionals with ability to do the laundry work fast regardless on the amount of load and offer great results.

· The professionals have the right skills and knowledge on how different types of fabrics should be washed. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that everything will be well at the end.

· Reputable laundry services in Singapore make use of cleaning agents that do not have any effects not only on the clothes, but also to the environment too. They use cleaning agents that are approved, so there is no point to worry.

· They also use the latest techniques in addition to the detergents to ensure that even the most stubborn stains are removed in the process.


Doing laundry is a job that require time and skills. It is therefore advisable to entrust the work to a reputable Singapore laundry service in order to get satisfactory result. If you have to do the laundry work by yourself, make sure you follow the above tips well in order to get the desired results.



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