How To Clean Carpet Naturally?

Cleaning your carpet in a natural way is not an easy task. It requires the state of the art equipment that will ensure that your carpets are maintained in their natural condition. This means that natural carpet cleaning entails using the natural ingredients that will prevent any kind of corrosion on your carpets. To achieve a simple natural carpet cleaning procedure means that you should always have the best equipment and all the natural ingredients that will facilitate your carpet cleaning.

How To Clean Carpet Naturally?

The following are some of the simple natural steps of cleaning your carpets naturally and maintain their original look and smell:

Remove everything out of your living room.
This is the primary step of beginning your natural carpet cleaning procedure. It is imperative to remove everything so as to allow you adequate space and be able to clean every part of your carpet. Since Singapore is a humid country, it is imperative to remove every item out of the room so as to be able to clean your carpet well and avoid moulds from developing in your carpet.

Vacuum your carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
Once you have removed everything from the room, you can begin vacuuming your carpet so as to remove all the deeply embedded particles and dirt that cannot be removed easily using a broom. If you want to attain the best carpet cleaning, naturally with ultimate vacuuming results, it is important to ensure that your canister is empty or perhaps you have remove the bag so as to ensure that suction is maximum and effective. If you want to maintain the original appearance of your carpet, then it is prudent to ensure that your carpet is frequently vacuumed.

Prepare your natural cleaning ingredients that will match perfectly with your carpets.
The third step is to ensure that you choose the best mixture that you will use as your cleaning solution to ensure that the color and smell of your carpet is pleasant. Different people have different natural cleaning ingredients that they use to clean their carpets. If you are not conversant with any, then it is advisable that you use any kind of essential oil and baking soda as your ingredient. You must ensure that you have mixed well the ingredients and ensure that any crump is evenly broken. Once the mixture is ready, you can use a jar, a tin or perhaps a cup to sprinkle the mixture evenly around your carpet.

Leave it for some time and ensure that this is done on a dry day. This is to ensure you achieve good carpet cleaning, naturally and if you have pets then it is vital to apply borax into the mixture or sprinkle it later then followed by thorough vacuuming of your carpets. Borax ensures that all the fleas are killed hence it is a must to apply if you have pets. Don’t forget to add a freshener in to your cleaning solution.

Pre-treat the remaining stains.
After vacuuming your carpets, it is also wise to do a pre- treatment plan so as to ensure that all the stains that were left behind are removed. Removing the remaining stains from your carpets is not an easy task. This means that you need to prepare another mixture that will completely get rid of the remaining stains so as to give your carpets stunning looks. Most commonly used ingredients for pre treatment are water and vinegar. If you have a light carpet yet the stains persisted after using water and vinegar, then you can go an extra mile and use a mixture of lemon juice and salt. This will definitely remove the remaining dirt and stains completely.

Rinse your carpets thoroughly.
You should not forget to rinse your carpet after cleaning. This will ensure that your carpet maintain their original appearance and make them shine. The best way to ensure effective rinsing is to make sure that you have used warm water. It is also important to note that you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using any natural cleaning solution for carpet cleaning, naturally.

Leave your carpets to dry.
Once you are done with all the cleaning, it is also good to ensure that your carpets are completely dry without any interference. This means that you should ensure that your pets are kept away to avoiding adding more stains. This can take something between twenty to thirty minutes. When all this is done, you can return all your things to the house and arrange them in their perfect places.

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