How To Clean Your Curtain In 7 Easy Steps

Cleaning curtains is usually a daunting task to most homeowners due to the many logistical factors that must be factored in. Use of wrong cleaning methods or procedures can end up ruining the curtains. You might end up spending money on a whole new set. Curtains tend to absorb smells from the house which in the long run lead to discoloration. It is important to regularly clean them to get lid of such smells and stains. 

How To Clean Your Curtain In 7 Easy Steps?

Here are some gold worthy tips on how to clean curtains like a professional.

Step 1: Check the condition of the curtains: 
Before tossing the curtains in your washer, take time to inspect the condition of the fabric. If you discover any signs of sun rotting, don’t clean them as you could end up tearing them up. Instead, it is more prudent to purchase new ones from an accredited store. All unlined curtains should be washed as per the instructions provided on the label by the manufacturer.

Step 2: Consider using your washing machine: 
Lightweight curtains can be cleaned using a washing machine as they do not retain water like the heavy materials. Note that there are some materials that require special attention before being put in the machine. For example, curtains made from delicate cotton can shrink if washed with hot water. In such a case, switch your washing machine to delicate cycle or slow spin. It is totally fine to use the normal detergents to clean the curtains. However, consider hand washing your curtains if you are worried about the material shrinking. 

Step 3: Hand wash delicate curtains:
Despite the fact that this chore is time consuming and tedious, it’s much safer because it reduces the risk of shrinking. Use your regular laundry detergent to get rid of any redundant stains on the material. Also, you can use a special soap that is tailored for hand washing delicate materials. Take time to evenly rub the entire curtain to get the best results. 

Step 4: How to clean heavy curtains? 
As mentioned earlier, heavy curtains should not be cleaned using a washing machine because they retain a lot of water and can cause internal damage to your machine. You can use a bath tub to clean them. It is a good idea to add a fabric softener to soften them and completely eliminate any foul smells that it may have absorbed. 

Step 5: Cleaning rusty curtain rings and rods: 
Vinegar is the ideal cleaning reagents that is very effective in cleaning rusty curtain rings. Be sure to rub soap on the rods to make them run smoothly again. 

Step 6: Consider steam cleaning heavy curtains: 
Steam cleaning is ideal for curtains that are made from heavy materials or curtains are difficult to detach from the rail. Choose a steam cleaning appliance that has an upholstery attachment. Start from the top and work your way down. Hold the appliance away from the curtain if you discover that the material is becoming wet. Be sure to read and comprehend the User’s guide provided by the manufacturer to operate the appliance correctly. Remember that steam can burn you hence wear protective clothing such as gloves and an apron. 

Step 7: Dry the curtains:
Never put wet curtains in a dryer as the tumbling motion can cause stubborn creases. If possible, hang them outside in a breezy area that is away from direct sunlight to avoid bleaching. One of the major benefits of dry curtains naturally is that it allows creases to fall out. Iron them when dry to give them a new touch of elegance. 

Bonus Tips:
To reduce absorption of smells, it is wise to keep the kitchen door closed and avoid smoking indoors. Also, vacuum the curtains at least once or twice a week using a soft brush attachment to get rid of dirt and dust. This will go a long way in prevent formation of redundant stains. If the bad smell persists, consider hanging them outside for one or two hours in a windy area. 

Keeping your curtains fresh is one of the surest ways of keeping your home interior decorations looking great. You can also hire a professional cleaner who has the skills, experience and appliances required to expertly carry out this task.

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