How To Fold Clothes?

So, folding your laundries is the most difficult part of your daily chores? Folding laundries is definitely an art that not everyone possess, but can be learned with few simple techniques and tips. Whether you love it or hate it, you just cannot escape it. Correctly folded clothes ensure that they fit well in the drawers and shelves of your closet. They look nice and keep your wardrobe organized. Once you'll learn the art of folding clothes perfectly, you'll start enjoying the task.

How To Fold Clothes?

 In this article, we've put together some simple rules and principles of folding clothes that have been used by many households and laundry service systems in Singapore. Let's take a look at them:

Principles To Fold Clothes Perfectly

Whether you want to fold clothes or linen, these principles are applicable for all kind of stuffs. All you need is to understand them well and work your hands accordingly.

Folded clothes should lie as flat as possible

If you see bulkiness in your clothes after folding then there are chances that they will develop wrinkles by the time you will consider wearing it again. Clothes that are not properly folded are prone to wrinkles. So make sure you keep them on a flat surface while folding. This will ensure that your clothes presentable later on also.

Press the clothes smoothly with your hands while folding

Running your hand over the cloth smoothly while making each fold will ensure that you get the perfect fold. It is a great way to prevent wrinkles. It also gives a neat and clean appearance. If you'll see the working of professional dry cleaners and laundry services you will notice that they always run their hands over the cloth while folding them. Now, you exactly know why?

Form a rectangle or square shape

If you will fold your clothes in odd shapes they are going to create mess in your wardrobe. They won't fit well in your drawers or on the shelf. Make sure that you fold your clothes in regular shapes like square or rectangle. This way you can fit them perfectly in your wardrobe and also see them clearly without sliding everywhere when you need them.

Identify and use the same method to fold clothes every time

It is always better to use the same method to fold your clothes so that you can easily place them over another. Folding a t-shirt in three different ways will create a puzzle for you when you'll start arranging them in your closet. This will help you save time in re-arranging drawers or shelving to make your closet look neat and tidy. .

These four basic principles on how to fold clothes will help you master the art with ease. However, if you still feel that this is just not your cup of tea, then you can always hire professional services like laundry service or dry cleaning to get the work done for you. There are number of dry cleaners in Singapore that provide laundry folding services at affordable rates.
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