Is Dirty Curtain Dangerous To Health?

If you live in any Singaporean HDB home, then you understand the importance of a curtain. Curtains help enhance the overall look of your space. They also help you maintain some semblance of privacy. There is also the fact that curtains help keep the harsh natural elements out where they belong. Curtains however, are a forgotten aspect of the home. It is probably much easier for you to remember to clean your beddings and clothes than it is to remember to clean a dirty curtain. The problem however, is that those unforgotten curtains pose some danger to your health and that of your loved ones. Understanding these dangers would enable you to remember to remove your dirty curtains the next time a professional laundry services knocks on your door.

Dirty Curtain


Dust and dirt may seem like such a small thing, but you should be concerned a lot. Your curtains will trap dust during the hot months of the year that Singapore tends to have. This dust will keep on accumulating if you ignore your curtains. Dust is dangerous to your health. The small particles will get into your system without you noticing anything different. Before you know it, you will be dealing with problems within your respiratory tract. These would probably include throat infections, chronic cough, and congested chest and so on. If there are people with serious respiratory problems like asthma and lung infections, the dust that is accumulated in your curtains is going to make matters worse for them. They may even require hospitalization. If their immune system is compromised severely, any existing respiratory infections can become fatal, all because of a dirty curtain!


Germs are microorganisms, which thrive in dirt environments. These microorganisms usually cause a number of diseases. The changes in seasons in Singapore can create the perfect environment for germs to breed and increase. Your dirty curtains will trap not just the dust, but also the harmful microorganisms from the external environment. If you do not clean these curtains for a long time, then they will provide the perfect environment for breeding for the germs. Before you know it, respiratory infections will start to affect you and your family members. Germs also cause other kinds of diseases, which include stomach ailments and skin infections. Even a small wound that was meant to heal can fester and cause blood poisoning in someone with diabetes for example. If you have vulnerable people in your home, which may include the elderly, the sick and young children, the presence of germs can end up killing them. You should therefore consider hiring a laundry service provider to clean your curtains if you do not feel up to it.

Dirty Curtain

Mold and Mildew

During wet seasons that are common in Singapore, your curtains are likely to get wet. Since they are within the home, when they dry, they will not do so very well. You are therefore likely to find mold and mildew growing in some parts of your curtains, especially those that are not exposed to sunlight. Mold and mildew are nothing to laugh about. These organisms can spread around the whole house and infect everything in their wake. Getting rid of them can be very costly and stressful. However, the danger that these organisms pose to your health is even more worrying. Some types of mold have been known to cause lung infections. Others may even cause cancer. Mold can also kill especially when it affects someone with an already compromised respiratory system. Mold and mildew may also cause allergies and skin infections. Unless you want to deal with all these problems in your family, you should just consider having your curtains cleaned regularly.


Changing Singaporean seasons bring in their brands of pests. These can be quite annoying. The problem however, comes when these pests, which are usually insects lay their eggs on your curtain. These eggs will then hatch, and that is where your nightmare will begin. It may be very difficult for you to get rid of these pests. Some pests like dust mites can cause severe skin irritation and infections. Others may also cause allergies. All these problems will require some form of treatment. Even your pests will need treatment from pest infestation. That is what dirty curtains can do!

Bottom Line

The role of curtains when it comes to the health of your loved ones should not be underestimated. You need to find a company that will offer you regular and reliable cleaning services for your curtains, clothes and everything you can think of, if you want to remain healthy.
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