Is Dirty Curtain Dangerous To My Health?

Most people tend to forget about their curtains when cleaning other interior home accessories such as carpets. Unknown to them is that curtains can cause serious harm to their health if left unattended to for long periods. First, it is important to appreciate the fact that curtains plays an important role of enhance interior decor by creating a theme that exhumes your inner passion for style and elegance.

Here are reasons why you should take time to clean your curtains at least once or twice per month.

Dirty curtains

Can Accumulate Allergens and Dust Mites

These are the two most notorious causes of allergic reactions such as coughs. Due to their small nature, they are easily carried away by wind and accumulates on curtains after some time especially those that are made from cotton material.

Pollutants and Dust

Accumulation of pollutants or toxins in the body is one of the leading causes of cancer and respiratory diseases. Inhalation of contaminated air is one of the channels that dust particles and pollutants such as free lead radicals use to get into the body. Unlike other disease causing pathogens whose negative impact can be seen immediately, pollutants take time to launch their harmful effect and most of the resultant diseases such as lung cancer can lead to death if not diagnosed and treated on time.

Build up of Germs

Germs are a main cause of diseases in both human beings and pets. Unknown to most people is that they love attaching themselves on curtains especially those that are hanged in dark and moist areas. Due to their small size, you cannot be able to view them with naked eye. The only way to ensure that your curtains and house in general is free from them is by cleaning your curtains more often.

Can Facilitate Formation of Mildews and Molds

Mildew and molds are linked to a number of allergic and respiratory diseases. They produce spores which if inhaled can lead to allergic reactions and other health problems especially to kids, elderly people as well as pregnant women reside the house. They love forming in moist surfaces such as shower curtains. In bathrooms, it is not easy to identify them as they are usually covered by soap scum and grimes after some time. Based on these fact, it is highly recommendable to clean all curtains that are in moist location at least once or twice per week especially bathroom curtains. There are a number of mild cleaning reagents that are very effective in killing molds and mildew. Be sure to follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer to get the best results.

How to clean curtains

Attracts Insects and Pests such as Bedbugs

Accumulation of dirt and other forms of debris on curtains attracts insects and pests such as bedbugs. Overtime, they lay eggs and spread to other parts of the house causing massive damage and stress. For example, bedbugs will make it impossible for you to have a good night sleep as they feed on blood. On the other hand, pet dander will hide in your curtains especially if you have pets in the house. They are known to cause massive skin irritation to babies. Luckily, there are chemicals that you can use to disinfect the curtains after cleaning to eliminate them completely.

Let us proceed and look at some tips on how to clean curtains.

Proper way of cleaning curtain

Choose right reagent: Not all cleaning reagents will work best on your curtains. Take time to read the specific ingredients used to formulate it to know if it friendly to the material used to make curtains. For instance, there are some reagents that lead to fading or weaken the material. Also, choose one that is friendly to your health and environment as some contain harmful elements.

Drying: To prevent formation of molds and mildew, allow the curtains to dry completely in open air before hanging them again in your house. However, do not expose them to direct sunlight for long periods to prevent fading.

Wear Hand Gloves: There is no guarantee that cleaning reagents are friendly to your skin. To be on the safe side, wear hand gloves before coming into contact with the reagents.

Bottom line;

Dirty curtains can compromise your health hence take time to periodically clean them. You may also hire professional cleaning companies who have the skills and equipment to do it for you at a price.
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