The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Laundry

Laundry is a task that a lot of people are familiar with especially people who have families that wear clothes each and every day. It is also a task a lot of people don't really have the time for since it requires a lot of waiting for each load to wash or dry.


Thankfully, there are many laundry systems and companies that can actually help people do their laundry without them really having to do anything at all. I researched companies and systems specifically in Singapore and there are many that are easily accessible to people. I found applications on smartphones where you could have someone pick up and drop off your laundry at the tap of your finger. Furthermore, the way citizens of Singapore maintain more time especially since Singapore is known to be a fast paced society is using laundry service.

Laundry service is a type of service that is commonly used in Singapore where people pay other people to do their laundry for them while they are at work or doing something else. Then afterwards, people can come pick up their laundry after work or from wherever they were. People find this service to be the easiest and most reliable when it comes to having more time and not having to worry about having clean clothes. Another form of getting laundry done is to of course having the time and patience to wait for a load to get washed or dried. Some people find that way the most efficient and are more acustomed to it. I researched on how citizens in Singapore actually prefer not to own dryers when it comes to washing their clothes the traditional way.

Citizens claim to just hang there clothes somewhere up high and have it dry that way. Of course, the way someone choses to do their laundry is up to their preference. Some people have a preference where they hand wash their own clothing. In personal experience, my grandmother always had the preference to hand wash her clothes. Her reasoning behind it was that she always knew it would be clean and washed with love. It was also a preference in culture where in her community the wives of the families would hand wash clothes every day as a sign of family values and culture. When she found out about electric driers and washers she thought it was a good invention but it would be a shame to use that since it disgraces the laundry tradition.

People's ways and preferences on how they do their laundry are very different but at the end it gets the task of doing laundry done. Furthermore, there is also all kinds of accessories and technology to get your laundry done. Some washers and driers are more high tech than others. Some washers and driers are even voice activates and you can navigate on a smartphone device. I researched about how different washers and dryers have specific features that can make your laundry experience easier, smoother, or just more entertaining. Of course, wanting a machine with higher quality comes having to pay a higher price which is no problem for some individuals. The way technology is rising in this current century, I have no doubt that there might be robots that are programmed to do your laundry or machines that can fold your clothes.


The process of laundry is different for everyone based on their preference of getting it done, what materials or machines to use, the stories and reasoning on why people do their laundry a certain way. It is all different and unique to learn about. Especially in Singapore how their main way of doing laundry is to simply pay an extra fee to someone who will do their laundry for them. I think that kind of service would be interesting if other countries adapted to Singapores popular and most reliable way of doing laundry. It would be interesting if more fast paced buisness countries decided to have more businesses like laundry service.

It could be a service that can help people from other countries and cities have more time to do the things that they would like to do instead of worrying when they are going to get their laundry done.



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