The Differences between Laundry Cleaning and Dry Cleaning

Singapore is developing and many people are busy out during the day taking care of their daily jobs. For that matter, it makes it very difficult for them to have time to deal with their laundry. However, they manage this by outsourcing their laundry to professional companies. When you rely on the professional laundry services, you will benefit in a number of ways. It will allow you to proceed with your normal day-to-day schedule, without worrying about your dirty laundry. Another benefit of this service is that the clothes will be taken care by professionals, so there is a reduced chance of running the fabrics.

The Differences between Laundry Cleaning and Dry Cleaning

The two common ways of cleaning the clothes by the professionals are the dry cleaning and laundry cleaning. Usually, the dirty clothes will be inspected manually by the cleaners and if there is any stain, it will be treated using special chemicals that will make it easier to clean t entire fabric. With the advanced technology, the professional cleaners use computerized methods to carry out their services. The computer will mix the detergents and solvents. This helps to achieve cleaner clothes and to take care of the delicate fabrics. When the clothes are successfully washed, they will be ironed and folded, then delivered to the clients home. The two ways of cleaning the clothes by the professional companies are completely different. Each method of cleaning will have its own benefit and also, there are some specific clothes that will need the dry cleaning and others will be best washed with the laundry cleaning. All in all, you should understand the line between these two methods, in order to know how to handle your clothes. Here is a look at the difference between the laundry cleaning and dry cleaning;

Dry Cleaning
This is a type of cleaning that uses highly advanced equipment to carry out the cleaning. It uses an innovative technology that cleans the fabrics without water. Basically, the process will use some special solvent to clean the fabrics. In most cases, the dry cleaning companies will use a special chemical called Perchloroethylene, PERC. This chemical will get rid of the stains and grease from the garments without using water. After the PERC is used, the clothes will then be put in a machine to be washed while being tumbled.

During this process, the solvent will be eliminated, filtered, then recycled in a professional way. Afterward, the clothes will be put in a specialized machine for the dry cleaning process. Later on, they will be steamed and ironed to get rid of the creases. This type of cleaning is called a dry cleaning because it doesn’t use regular water, but the special chemical.

What are the benefits of dry cleaning?
A number of people are depending on this type of cleaning and there are some garments that are specifically recommended to be dry cleaned. Here is a look at the benefits of the dry cleaning method;
• Gets rid of every type of grease and oil stain. This method will effectively get rid of the stubborn stains that regular water would not have eliminated as expected.
• Limits the distortion or shrinkage. Usually, regular water can negatively affect some fabrics and this will make them be distorted and they might even shrink. Dry cleaning sustains the original condition of the fabric.
• Reduces the decolorization of clothes. The PERC chemical will be gentle both on the fabric and the color, so there will be limited cases of fading of the clothes.
• Boosts the lifespan of clothes. Since the dry cleaning will be gentle on the fabric of the clothes, it will help to boost the lifespan by maintaining the original condition.
This is a method that is being adopted by many cleaning companies and it is proving to be more effective. It applies a more advanced technology that makes it among the most effective methods of cleaning clothes. The dry cleaning companies uses products that are friendly to the environment. There are some that will use organic compounds like carbon dioxide.

The organic components are like the hydrocarbon solvents, which will crumble easily and also, they will be less lethal to the fabric and the environment. The hydrocarbon solvents are also odorless, meaning that they will keep your clothes clean and fresh.

Laundry Cleaning
This is the normal method of washing that uses regular water. It is also called wet cleaning and it is used for a number of fabrics. The method entails the immersion of the garments in water, along with other cleaning agents like detergent and soap. Some companies use softeners as well, to keep the clothes protected during the washing process.

The garments will also be tumbled in a washing machine. The detergents and other cleaning agents help to get rid of the dirt particles and any stubborn stains. Water will then be removed from the process by being spinned in the same machine, or a different one. Nonetheless, most of the companies will have a dryer that squeezes all the water out. Alternatively, they can be hung out to dry completely. Once they are dry, they will be pressed and steamed to get rid of the creases and soften the fabric.

What are the benefits of the laundry cleaning?
Even though this is a conventional method of cleaning the clothes, it still has its benefits. Here is a look at the common advantages of wet cleaning;
• It is safe for the environment. With this method, it doesn’t use any toxic chemical that may be harmful to the environment and the user.
• It is more affordable. With the laundry cleaning, it uses the normal water and some detergent, making it cheaper than the dry cleaning method.
• Friendly fragrance. The cleaning company may add some sweet smelling fragrance to the garments, which makes them smell fresh and get rid of any bad smell.
• Energy efficient. It has been noticed that the laundry cleaning can save up to 50% energy that is used in dry cleaning.

Each of these methods is effective and you can rely on them. Nonetheless, it is recommended to contact a professional that will advise you on what method to use, with relation to the type of fabric.
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