The Rising Popularity of Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Service


People these days are constantly busy with work, school and various other pursuits. With barely enough time on their hands, the last thing they’d want to think about is their piles of dirty laundry at home. When the sheer prospect of using the washing machine seems overwhelming, people start seeking easy ways out of their domestic responsibilities. Over the years, this growing demand for convenience has led to the increasing popularity of laundry pickup and delivery services.

These professional services remove the hassle of doing laundry completely. For instance, a working mother - who is busy juggling a personal and professional life - can simply call a laundry company and arrange for her bag of clothes to be picked up. An assigned staff member will collect and deliver the bag to the Laundromat, where the clothes are thoroughly washed, dried and even ironed to crisp perfection. The clothes will then be delivered back to the household. This task is performed at a scheduled time, perhaps after the customer has fetched her kids from school and is available to receive her items at home.
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However, with so many laundry companies to choose from, how does one ensure that the right services are engaged? In this digital age, long gone are those days when a person has to leave home and painstakingly look for a Laundromat. Even upon finding one, customer satisfaction is not guaranteed. But with the powers of the Internet at one’s disposal, finding a suitable laundry company is just a click away. Search engines like Yahoo and Google can provide a listing of Laundromats in a matter of seconds; the only thing left to do is to skim through the virtually infinite options for the most ideal one.
Feedback from previous customers - which can be accessed via online forums - are an important consideration when selecting a laundry service provider. If a company’s clientele provided raving reviews about excellent service that was engaged at a justifiable price that is the Laundromat to choose. On the contrary, a Laundromat that received a lot of complaints about late delivery or improper washing is definitely one to avoid.

While different companies operate differently, a good laundry service provider typically follows these standard operating procedures: firstly, when collecting the laundry, the assigned personnel would do a preliminary count and check of the items before offering advice on the pricing; secondly, an invoice indicating the customer’s name, address, contact number, number of items collected, the date of collection and expected date of return, would be issued; thirdly, the soiled clothing would be checked against the invoice statement to ensure consistency before being washed; and finally, on the day the laundry is due for return, the delivery person would contact the customer first. In the event that the customer cannot be reached, the items will remain at the Laundromat for safekeeping.


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