Benefits Of Hiring House Cleaning Services

Why Choose part time house cleaning service In Singapore

Looking for house cleaning service? Most households in Singapore find it difficult to go on with their daily obligations without hiring a cleaner. Due to the fact that most of them are working at other places, it is understandable that they lack the time to do the cleaning work in the house. In the past, the working people have been employing full time cleaners but the trend is quickly changing as more people today are hiring part time house cleaning services. There are several factors that could make the working people to choose a part time house cleaning service as opposed to full time cleaner. Let’s look at some of those reasons.

Many people have become conscious about their privacy. Having a full time cleaner means that he/she will be living under the same roof as the employer. The challenge in this is that it becomes hard to maintain privacy as the cleaner is there witnessing everything that happens in the house. To keep privacy, most people have resorted to employing a part time house cleaning service who only comes to the house for just a few hours.

Due to the hard economic times facing many people in Singapore; many people have realized that it’s too expensive to have a full time cleaner as compared to hiring a part time house cleaning service. A part time house cleaning service will be paid on hourly basis but a full time cleaner will have to be paid on a period basis for example on a monthly basis. It is also important to note that the cost of maintaining a full time cleaner is increased by the fact that you have to take care of the cleaner’s meals and accommodation.

Many employers have also realized that part time cleaner  are more likely to be efficient than the full time ones. Most of the cleaners who seek part time cleaning jobs are people who have worked as full time cleaners in the past and therefore they understand exactly what is required of them. Due to the fact that they have been given fixed times after which they must have completed the cleaning work, they tend to be fast and effective. On the contrary, full time cleaners understand that they have the whole day to finish their chores. This makes them slow in carrying out different tasks. They are also likely to take a rest the whole day and start working when they know that the employer is almost getting home.

Another reason for choosing part time house cleaning service in Singapore is the fact that there has been a remarkable change in the family structures. People nowadays do not get a lot of children and this means that there is little cleaning to do in the house. If there is not much cleaning to be done, then there is no point in having a full time cleaner.


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