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The increasing hustle and bustle in the life of some of the people living a fast paced life in Singapore has made the business of laundry services popular in this country since past few years. In fact people search for quality laundry service as washing, cleaning and ironing your clothes and other draperies is a time consuming work which they may not spare after their long busy schedules at their work place. The laundry services available in Singapore make the things easy for them by providing hassle free services at their doorstep. Though you can find a number of laundry services in Singapore but we at Singapore Laundry, one of the leading laundries, provide a wide range of services to our clients. We provide dry cleaning, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning as well as laundry pickup services to our clients not only to save their time but also to maintain up our own reputation in the market.

While providing laundry services we clean the clothes as well as upholsteries and curtains of our clients by using the latest techniques and cleaning solutions. Our professionals are trained to laundry clean as well as dry clean your dirty clothes after inspecting them manually to find any specific stain on them so that it can be treated separately. Our professional cleaners use advanced computerised methods to provide the best laundry services to our clients.

We provide laundry cleaning as well as dry cleaning services according to the type of their fabric and texture so that they can be cleaned successfully without damaging them. We mix solvents and detergents with the help of our computerised cleaning machines according to the delicacy of the fabric of the clothes. In fact dry cleaning is all together different from laundry cleaning. In dry cleaning we carry out cleaning by using highly advanced equipment. We clean the fabrics without using water by using the latest innovative technologies along with certain special solvents according to the type of fabrics. The chemicals we use for dry cleaning clothes help in getting rid of grease and stains from your cloths without using water. After applying chemicals the clothes are tumbled in the washing machine by our professionals to wash them to eliminate the solvent which is later on filtered and recycled. After washing the clothes we put them into special dry cleaning machines to complete the process. We later on steam iron and fold them to get rid of the creases and make them ready to supply at your doorstep.

In laundry cleaning we clean your clothes in normal way by using water and cleaning agents like soap and detergents. This cleaning method known as wet cleaning is also used for cleaning various types of clothes. We use various types of softeners to protect the clothes during this cleaning process. Our professionals tumble the clothes in a washing machine in which the cleaning agents used on them help in getting rid of the stubborn stains and dirt particles. The clothes are then spinned in the same machine to remove water from them. They are then dried in the automatic dryers to squeeze out the water and hung to dry them completely. After drying the clothes completely our professionals iron them and fold them to get rid of creases and deliver at your doorstep through our laundry pickup service.

Curtains play an important role in enhancing the looks of the interior of your house through the variety of styles, colours and designs they are available in. They gradually start looking old and dirty without being noticed by you. They become dirty with time when air filters through them and they capture dirt particles present in it. When they get dirty or start looking old then either you will have to replace them or get them cleaned. Replacement of curtains can be a costly affair. So in such condition you can take our curtain cleaning services. We will uninstall your curtains and dry-clean them right on the spot. In order to minimise your disruptions we can also provide curtain cleaning service at our home. While cleaning you curtains we will remove dust, allergens, odour, bacteria and other particles present in them to ensure the maintenance of the integrity of the curtain surface. Our professionals will then reinstall your curtains in their right position. You can rely on the cleaning expertise of our professional cleaners as they are professionally trained to provide you assistance in this regard.

We at Singapore Laundry also provide upholstery cleaning service after inspecting the location and using environmental friendly cleaning products along with latest dry cleaning techniques to provide you quality and effective cleaning results. The team of our professional cleaners can clean almost all types of upholstery as per the requirement of our client with damaging them. Upholstery is one of the important factors used for decorating and furnishing any indoor premises so you should get it cleaned by using our professional services.

Along with dry cleaning, curtain cleaning and upholstery cleaning services we at Singapore Laundry also provide laundry pickup service to make it easy and time saving for our clients. Our pickup services professionals pick up dirty clothes from your doorstep to clean them at our home and after getting them cleaned, pressed and folded properly they deliver them at your doorstep. We offer laundry pickup service free of cost to our regular clients.

So if you are looking to get professional cleaning services for your carpet, house, curtains, upholsteries and clothes you can contact us at our phone number to avail our services at very reasonable and competitive price. We can meet up all of your needs on the basis our long experience in this field. We have built up a large customer base in Singapore by providing our respectful services to their furnishings along with them. We provide dry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning and laundry pickup services beyond the expectations of our clients.

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