Laundry Service in Singapore
Laundry Service in Singapore

Laundry Service in Singapore – Families can produce an endless amount of laundry. Young children may go through multiple items of clothing per day. If you enjoy sports or hitting the gym, this can result in an extra dress that cannot be worn numerous times. On top of that are the household items that require laundering. Once the clothes are taken care of, there are bedding, pajamas, cushion covers, towels, and soft furnishings to consider.

For generations, laundry was the housewife’s time and labor-intensive work. Modern washing machines, dryers, and airers are relatively recent inventions. For women of the early twentieth century, keeping the family in clean clothes was a daily chore that could take hours. They often had to wash their hands and use heavy-duty equipment for the most consuming household task. If families were lucky enough, they might have had use of a launderette before washing machines in private homes became commonplace.

Modern Challenges

pile of laundry
pile of laundry

We may now have the luxury of washing machines and tumble dryers, but keeping on top of a family’s laundry is still very time-consuming. Separating colors, delicate items, pre-treating heavily soiled clothes, and loading the machine is only the beginning. It can mean storing a range of treatments, detergents, and softeners to manage the family’s laundry needs. Once washed, airing laundry or drying it in a tumble dryer takes time and is not often something people look forward to doing in their leisure time.

With men and women usually working outside the home, the laundry can quickly get out of hand or become a source of stress and arguments. We have all had those nightmare moments where the particular shirt for an important meeting or the dress for a special occasion is not ready in time. As many of us look for ways to reduce single-use plastic daily, this can result in more laundry. Reusable diapers for babies, reusable menstrual pants for women, reusable facecloths, and cleaning cloths are great ways to save money and reduce waste. However, these items add to our existing laundry load.

A professional laundry service can take all the stress and work away from managing the laundry for your family and home. The service provided includes the following time-saving and stress-relieving features:

  • The laundry service will collect all the laundry that requires cleaning. This means no more sifting and sorting items and having piles of unsightly laundry around the home.
  • Items will be sorted to ensure they are washed correctly. Items requiring pre-treatment or spot stain removal will be treated with professional care and attention.
  • Laundry will be washed and dried using premium-grade products that leave garments clean and smelling fresh.
  • The items will be folded from drying to prevent creases, leaving them ready to wear immediately.
  • Your laundry is returned to you; you only need to put it away.
  • The laundry service can also include items needing hand washing or dry cleaning.

Benefits of a Professional Laundry Service

  • Having been professionally washed and dried with the best products, your clothes will remain feeling fresh for longer.
  • Professional stain removal and laundry service will make your clothes look newer for longer.
  • You will always have those go-to items fresh and clean, ready to wear instantly.
  • You no longer need to worry about fitting the laundry into a busy schedule.
  • You can use the time you usually spend on laundry for more enjoyable and fulfilling activities.
  • You can feel less stressed and take the burden of the laundry away from your ongoing to-do list.
  • You will have more space available in your home and feel less cluttered without piles of laundry and airers.
  • You will benefit from expert staff who handle all kinds of laundry dilemmas.

A Service to Suit Your Family

The professional laundry service can be tailored to your family’s needs. You may require extra help to stay on top of your laundry by having a service take care of your linens and towels while you manage the clothing. You may be getting ready to store items away as the season changes and would benefit from a one-off laundry service for the clothes coming out of storage. When we return from a trip or a family holiday, we often find that our usual routine has been disrupted, and a one-off use of a laundry service can get everything back to normal. Alternatively, regular laundry service will be more suitable if you have young children or need to look professional daily. There are packages available to meet the needs of any household.

Get the Most Value from a Professional Laundry Service

singapore laundry services
singapore laundry services
  • Choose a package to suit your budget and lifestyle
  • No need to regularly purchase multiple laundry products
  • Use your time more productively
  • Keep clothes for longer with less regular replacement
  • Save money on your water and electricity usage
  • Extend the life of your clothes, which is good for the environment
  • Free up your evenings and weekends to focus on family
  • Avoid wear and tear on your washing and drying machines
  • Avoid the need to buy and replace airers and associated laundry products

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