Upholstery Cleaning

Have you ever slapped your cushions or sofa?

With no regular upholstery cleaning, you will be able to see dust in the air, it is unsightly and unhygienic. Singapore Laundry can get rid of all that dirt and particles.

Singapore Laundry upholstery cleaning service inspects and cleans using environmental friendly cleaning product with the latest dry cleaning technologies to deliver effective and quality cleaning results, without damaging the upholstery. Our team of professionals is able to clean nearly all types of upholstery to meet our client’s requirement. An upholstery set is an important factor for furnishing and decorative element as it is commonly found in any indoor premises.

Regular maintenance not only extends your furniture’s lifespan and also provides healthy environment for you and your family. Fabric upholstery collects dust as much as your carpet does. Not many people are willing to clean their upholstery because of wrong concepts – customers fear to damage their furniture, long drying time, shape or colour distortion. This is not true; it may be the opposite of all the wrong concepts! Finding a right upholstery cleaning company is crucial as they ensure your furniture set to be well taken care during and after cleaning. If you are in doubt, seek help from our team of professional cleaners.

A few benefits of Singapore Laundry – Upholstery cleaning

Singapore Laundry uses eco-friendly cleaning product, without leaving behind chemical as we understand that it may cause harm to our environment and your family. We are able to clean your upholstery effectively.

When our professionals are at your premise, they will bring all necessary equipment and cleaning products to assist you. We use dry shampooing method that can remove dust, dirt, odour and any other particles, depending on the condition of your upholstery. No dry time is required.

You do not have to worry shrinkage of fabric, we use low moisture treatment and it will not cause any fabric shrinkage.

Quickly wipe and try to remove stains of the affected areas. When our professionals are at your premise, let them know where the affected areas are. We will try to recover your upholstery condition.

Whether you are looking for professional House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Painting, Curtains & Blinds, Air-con Servicing – everything possible you require at your commercial or residential buildings, we are here to meet most of your needs. In our years of assisting our clients, Singapore Laundry built a loyal customer base. We respect our clients and their furnishing. We go beyond our client’s expectation to provide them with a pleasant experience. Customer’s satisfaction is our main priority.

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