6 Laundry Dry Cleaning Tips In Singapore

There are a number of ways that defines a person’s personality and one of them is the clothing. You can easily tell the characters of a person by how they dress. If they are dressed in clean and presentable clothes, they will automatically earn their respect. Even in an interview, a person that looks sharp will in how they dress will most likely land that job. All in all, when you look good in how you dress, you will earn a lot of respect and you will also be able to accomplish many goals. Clean clothes come all the way from a reliable laundry service. Even without hiring a professional laundry company, you can be able to take care of your clothes in the best way possible. Taking care of your clothes is the first step of ensuring that they last for long and that they are in the perfect condition. Here is a look at some laundry tips that will help you take good care of your clothes.

6 Laundry Dry Cleaning Tips

1. Understand the type of fabric of your clothes
One of the areas that many people mess in is when they fail to understand the type of garment of their clothes. Before anything, you should know that every type of fabric is to be washed in a specific method. There are different types of materials that are used to make clothes and for that, they will need to be cleaned differently. Once you understand what is the material used to make your clothes, you will have an insight of how you should handle them. Some fabrics will work well with wet cleaning while others are recommended to be dry cleaned. For instance, the cotton products, especially the white fabrics, will be best washed under high temperatures. This is because they do not fade and they can withstand the high temperatures as well. Other fabrics like the synthetic garments are best washed with cold or cool cleaning. The synthetic fabrics are more delicate and they may be ruined if washed under high temperatures, so ensure that you understand the type of fabrics of your clothes.

2. Use the right detergents to wash
Another mistake that people do when taking care of their clothes is wash them with the wrong choice of detergent. The detergent can ruin your clothes negatively, especially if it has the wrong type of chemicals. There are some detergents that will not be strong enough to clean the clothes. There are some that are too strong for the clothes, meaning that they will ruin their condition and color.

The first thing you will need to do is to understand the type of detergent that you are about to deal with. You might want to ask the manufacturer, or if you cannot get to them, you can ask your trusted local laundry professional. You can also keep away from some detergent that are still new in the market. Do not use any detergent that is not approved by the health and sanitation department in Singapore. You can try testing the detergent before you use it on your clothes. Take a small part of the cloth that you are washing and see if the detergent will work gently or if it will be too harsh.

3. Separate the clothes whenever you wash them
Many people tend to be lazy when they are doing their laundry by mixing the clothes in one machine. Basically, any time you mix the colored clothes with the plain ones, you should be ready to get stains on the white or non-colored clothes. You might want to start by sorting out the colored clothes and wash them differently from the non-colored clothes.

You should also group the clothes with the same fabrics together before you start washing. Also, you might want to wash the children’s clothes differently since they are dirtier than the rest. If you are hand washing the clothes, you will need to scrub them more and you will also use more detergent. All in all, ensure you separate the clothes whenever you are washing them.

4. Hire a professional to troubleshoot your machine regularly
In most cases, the clothes might not be clean enough, even after using a washing machine. The problem might not be exactly the detergent or the stain on the garments. Rather, it could be that the machine has a problem. The machine is prone to fail at some point and for that, it will need a regular check up to ensure that it functions perfectly. In case the machine has some issues, it might not work as effective as you expect. The professional will have the machine inspected and they will also ensure that it is fixed accordingly. A professional technician will check the machine for any repairs and replacements. This will also help to prevent you from any possible accident, especially if the machine breaks down or overheats.

5. Rinse your clothes with clean water
Another thing that ruins the condition of the clothes is when they are rinsed with dirty water. When the clothes dry up, they will still have the dirt on them, which will ruin the fabric. Even though you should use the detergents and other recommended bleaches, you must always ensure that you use clean water to rinse.

6. Direct your laundry assistant how the machines are operated
There are a number of people in Singapore, who will have the washing machines installed in their homes, but they will have different people taking care of the laundry. If you are not the one taking care of your own laundry, you will want to ensure that you instruct the laundry assistant how to operate the machine. Some may not know how to operate the washing machine accordingly, which can cause some problems in the long run. If it is too difficult for you to explain to them, you can assign them to a laundry class to perfect their skills.

With these tips, you will be sure of having your clothes looking elegant and they will also have a longer lifespan. All in all, you can contact a professional laundry cleaning company to take care of your clothes.
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