6 Myths On Using Laundry Pickup Delivery Service in Singapore


6 Myths On Using Laundry Pickup Delivery Service in Singapore

Looking for laundry pickup delivery service in Singapore? Availing the services of laundry pickup delivery companies in Singapore goes in complete harmony with requirements of this fast paced world. You do not have the time to wash all your clothes at home and sometimes, you will not be able to allocate time for taking your clothes to a laundry service provider as well.

That is exactly where the importance of laundry pickup delivery service comes in and you should find out the best company to make process of dry cleaning less complicated and cost effective. Plethora of information available on the internet can mislead people while choosing a top quality service provider and here are the 6 common myths about using laundry pickup delivery service in Singapore:

1) Laundry service providers will pick up or deliver clothes without getting bothered about the convenient and schedule of the customers.

A good number of people think that availing the services of laundry pickup and delivery companies do not follow a schedule and they will reach home without getting bothered about the convenience of the customers. It is a wrong assumption because top quality companies will always give great attention towards the schedule and convenience of the customers. They will perform all the tasks at a scheduled time to make it extremely convenient for the customers and the delivery person will contact the customer before reaching home to collect or deliver clothes.
Laundry Pickup Delivery
2) Dry cleaning will become a costly affair with pickup delivery services.

Some people are of the opinion that since these companies come to your home for collecting or delivering clothes they will charge extra amount. It is a misconception because reliable and reputed service providers will not charge you an additional amount for collecting or delivering clothes and they will make you familiarize with the expenses well in advance to make the dry cleaning process extremely transparent and cost effective.

3) Since they deal with large number of clothes quality cannot be ensured.

This is a common myth that people often associate with laundry pickup delivery services and responsible service providers will make use of advanced dry cleaning technology to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. High quality cleaning agents will be used to remove soil and stain from the fabric and the most suitable dry cleaning method will be selected, depending on the nature of the fiber.

4) Clothes will get misplaced with laundry pickup delivery services.

It can be described as a baseless assumption and a reliable laundry service will follow certain procedures to avert the possibility of clothes being misplaced. First of all, the assigned personnel will perform a preliminary count and check of the items to be collected and he/she will hand over an invoice containing details like name of the customer, address, contact number, number of items collected, collection date and anticipated delivery date to make everything hassle free for the customers.

5) Allowing a stranger to come to your home involves a lot of risk.

Reliable companies always conduct background check of the employees to ensure maximum safety of the customers and great amount of dedication and discipline can always be associated with these professionals.

6) Selecting the best laundry service provider is a complicated task.

The process of selecting the best company will become a hassle free process when you make a detailed online search and the opinions of the existing customers will have to be given extreme importance as well.


It can be said without the least hesitation that all these myths will become a distant reality with reliable and reputed laundry pickup delivery service providers in Singapore.

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