Benefits of Wet Cleaning for Garments


Benefits of Wet Cleaning for Garments

What are the benefits of wet cleaning for garments? And isn’t garment cleaning always with water or ‘wet’? Well, if we compare wet cleaning with dry cleaning, the former uses no chemicals, it is also much gentler to the environment and human beings, and the detergents used for wet cleaning are bio-degradable and milder than other laundry products.

In fact, wet cleaning services aim to handle all kinds of garments including garments that are normally sent for dry cleaning. Many people may be doubtful of such kind of services as traditionally we were always told to send our expensive or fragile clothes for dry cleaning. Therefore, we need to find out more about this better way of handling our garments.
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As water is used for wet cleaning rather than using some toxic dry cleaning solvent, consumers or wet cleaning workers do not have to worry about any problem to their skin, or whether the cleaning agents used would pollute the air, or any other pollutants caused by dry cleaning that would reach our farming soil.

Nowadays, there are far too many diseases caused by unknown factors. Many health conscious organizations have already researched on the root causes of these increasing cases of illnesses. Naturally, some health practitioners would begin to look deeper into some of our habitual behavior in handling tasks as simple as washing our clothes. The accumulated toxin through long-term use in many things that we consciously or unconsciously deal with may be the main culprit of our deteriorating bodily defense system. In other words, we have to be more aware of the products that we use daily.

Wet cleaning services nowadays have been equipped with state-of-the-art machines that can handle different types of garments. Even for normal pressing of clothes, wet cleaning machines are also being enhanced with such function in order to reduce the time needed for ironing. The hard-to-wash stains caused by oil-based products can also be treated with wet cleaning using eco-friendly stain-removals.
Steps involved in wet cleaning are programmed by special wet cleaning machines that include drying and water saving functions. Professionally trained staff for wet cleaning services would then follow strictly guidelines that are given to handle different types of garments.

Garments made of silk, rayon, wool, velvets, suede and other fragile clothing can all be cleaned with modern wet cleaning methods. Other worries like shrinkage of garments, discoloring, handling of attachments or embellishments, are all being thoroughly checked before they are sent for wet cleaning.
Therefore, business executives who wear stylish suits frequently and ladies with glittering night gowns may now consider such technology of wet cleaning services. These services are better for our health and environment. Clients who have doubts still can find out more from us of the various advantages of using these eco-friendly services.

Look no further to change your garment washing habit, not only you will stop having to smell the chemical after your usual dry cleaning, your health will be further improved with this modernized wet cleaning method.

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