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Taking care of laundry is one of the inevitable overwhelming tasks we have. Besides being time-consuming, laundry work is simply boring. Fortunately, there are various companies that provide laundry services to relieve the pressure off homeowners. In sophisticated regions like Singapore, finding laundry companies should not be a daunting task. Nonetheless, not all Singapore laundry services you come across will depict desirable characteristics. While some are very expensive, others simply lack the capacity to satisfactorily take care of your needs. It is therefore important to keenly review the offers you get before contracting such services. The priority is to find reliable companies that can provide high quality laundry services at an affordable cost.

Singapore Laundry Services

Things to consider

Trustworthy laundry companies often have various distinct characteristics that hallmark their services. These same attributes can be used to isolate them from other offers in the market. When looking for laundry services in Singapore, some of the things to consider include the following;

Company reputation

The easiest way to tell whether any given laundry company is capable of meeting your requirements is through reviewing their reputation based on previous services. Companies that have been providing consistent services that meet client needs will tend to have a positive likeable reputation within the area. To gauge their reputation, examine reviews, comments, complaints and reviews from previous and/or current clients. If there are too many negative reviews and complaints, then you should probably shy away from such offers. Alternatively, you can look for ratings from expert review companies and websites that give more insights into the nature of services provided and rank companies based on these metrics.


There are many laundry service companies in Singapore but not all of them are the same. Like other businesses, laundry services vary and companies only provide certain services which they have the capacity to offer. Some companies are limited by personnel while others have little equipment which means they cannot handle certain types of laundry. It is therefore important to determine if the company in question is capable of handling your laundry requirements effectively. Instead of asking whether they can take care of a particular need, request their full service portfolio to see what services they offer. It is also worth noting the service delivery frameworks they have in place especially if they are located far away from your residence. Can they pick up and deliver your laundry conveniently or do you have to take it to them? You are better off contracting companies that have tracks to pick up and deliver all laundry as scheduled.

Singapore Laundry Services

Quality guarantees

Laundry services are very delicate and can be the difference between durable fabrics and quick depreciation of your expensive investments. Some companies use harsh chemicals as a way of getting rid of difficult stains. While the end result may be sparkling clean laundry, your investment will quickly wear and tear because of the harsh cleaning agents used. The cleaning procedures and equipment may also contribute to fabric damages. This is why you need quality service guarantees including compensation for damages.


New emerging laundry companies may have the capacity to deliver top quality services. However, it is still recommendable to find out what the long-serving businesses have to offer. Experienced companies are often associated with streamlined service delivery frameworks and are better placed to meet your needs. They also boast profound knowledge stemming from their many years in the industry and know what it takes to clean the hardest of stains without damaging your laundry. Nonetheless, you should note that some old businesses have new employees with limited experience while some new companies are opened by experienced professionals who have been in the laundry cleaning industry for a long time.


Working with professionals can improve the kind of relationship and interactions you have with your laundry company. Professionals also have exceptional customer services including straightforward communication channels through which you can make inquiries. Choose credible licensed companies that employ qualified professionals. It may be worth looking into the recruitment procedures used in employing new staff; you never know when you might forget precious items inside your pockets. When this happens, you should be able to get back your valuables.

Singapore Laundry Services

Service plan diversity

Some laundry companies include options for in-house cleaning where they send professionals to clean certain laundry items that are difficult to remove and transport to their premises. Others offer instant aeration and drying. Such additions integrate convenience into the service delivery and may be important for your needs.

Insurance matters

It is advisable to choose companies that have insurance plans to take care of damages and/or losses occurring while your laundry is under their care. Things may go wrong and accidents like fire and burglary are unforeseen in the cleaning industry. Knowing the company will protect your investment despite any misfortune is always a relief. Insurance plans are there to mitigate the company’s loses and ensure your laundry is safe at all times.

There are many other minor details you can find out about companies that provide Singapore laundry services including flexibility, 24-hour reach and competitive affordability. You should look at price matters following keen review of all the above aspects. Once you have a few potential companies renowned for top quality laundry services, compare their prices and see which one is more affordable. Some companies offer discounts to loyal customers and others even have free laundry services for certain occasions.


Laundry services should leave your fabrics cleaner, brighter and stronger. You do not have to dig deep into your budget for such services and convenience is the prime aspect to achieve. Only work with companies that use safe green technologies and cleaning agents. There should be no residue of the cleansing agents used as this may compromise your health and/or irritate your skin. As a rule of thumb, you should ensure the laundry company offers convenient, high quality reliable services backed by quality guarantees including provision to redo the assignment if the initial procedure does not meet promised standards. The top companies in the market own large storage rooms where they can keep your clean laundry pending delivery.



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