5 Clever Ways To Save Time On Your Laundry

Most of you might agree that laundry is a difficult and boring task, especially in Singapore where clothes get very dirty due to the pollution and humid weather. Thus, you might need to spend many hours picking up the clothes from various rooms dropped by your family members. In addition to this, you have to look for matching colored socks for washing or rewash a whole load of clothes because you forgot all about it and failed to load it in the dryer. But with a few useful laundry tips you can save a lot of time. The first thing that you must remember is you are not alone in your house; there are others, like your kids, spouse or siblings, as well. Make sure you involve them too in this process to save good amount of time and your labor too.

Ways To Save Time On Laundry

1. Set up a schedule for laundry

You have to discuss with your family members and arrive at the perfect schedule for this work. This way your family members will know when they have to put their laundry in the laundry basket. This will help you save time from running across the rooms to collect the dirty clothes for washing. This is very effective solution as you will never run out of clothes for an important occasion or meeting as washing will be done regularly.

2. Allot separate baskets for clothes

The main time consuming process while doing a laundry is trying to sort the clothes, like dirty, light, colored, whites etc. Keep separate baskets or bags to collect each type with a neat label on them. This will make it easier for your family members to drop the clothes in the respective baskets. As soon as a basket gets full, you will know it's time for washing.

3. Make it a rule to turn all clothes inside out

When you are drying the clothes, darker clothes might fade easily if not turned inside out and some clothes with prints on it might also be damaged. To avoid this you must follow the laundry tips like asking your family members to leave clothes inside out which in turn will save lot of time.

4. Its playtime with socks

You can ask your family to tie both socks together to ensure that they don't mix up with the other clothes. You can even plan a game for your kids to match the socks and whoever matches most of the socks will win. In this way, they will know how to keep both the socks properly and your time will be saved as well.

5. Allot a clean basket or shelf for each member

To distribute the clean clothes from the laundry, you can put each member's clothes in a separate basket or shelf and ask them to fold the clothes neatly and stash them away in their drawers or ward robes accordingly. This way you will have to spend very less time for folding the clothes and going to each room and place them in the respective cupboards.

When you follow these 5 effective laundry tips, you can be sure of saving a great amount of time for laundry in Singapore.
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