How To Wash Delicate Materials (Velvet, Leather, Silk)

Clothes are fun to play around with, to mix and match, and express yourself through different styles and colors. One way to make a set of clothes work with each other is through textures. Fashionistas would mix different textures and patterns to create combinations to widen the variety of your outfits. It gives your look a little more depth and adds some personality into your outfits.
However, the fun comes to a stop at some point. You'll have to take off your clothes and put them into the laundry to be washed and dried for them to be used all over again. While some fabrics are able to withstand the strength of washing machines, you should always remember that there are fabrics made out of delicate material that should be taken extra care of when washing them. Mishandling these materials can lead to severe damage, and can even ruin the entire thing which will waste your money and ruin your chances of wearing those pieces ever again. In this article, we discuss how to clean and handle delicate materials like silk, leather, and velvet to make the cleaning process feel so much easier and hassle-free. You'll also be given the assurance that you won't ruin any of your clothing in the wash and they'll be ready to be used again whenever you need.

Wash Delicate Materials


Velvet is a really beautiful fabric to add to your outfit combinations as it makes a statement however you wear it. Among the wide range of fabrics, velvet definitely makes it to the list of ones that can become tricky to deal with. It's a luxurious material, which is why it's really important to know how to take care of it.

1. Dry clean will always be the best option. Velvet's known to be a fabric that's commonly brought to laundry shops for dry cleaning. The cleaning process of this material is dependent on the type of velvet you purchase. If ever you do buy a rather pricey one, it's better and safer to dry clean it.

2. However, there are velvets out there that'll be safe to clean with washing machines. Since velvet clothing are usually stretchy, it's best to not put them into hot water to avoid any shrinkage.

3. If your fabric has a stain on it and you don't want it to be dry cleaned, there are other ways to bring it back to its spotless state. Dry clean solvents are available in markets, while a natural solution is through a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. These two ingredients combined can assist in removing tough stains. Always remember to use a really diluted version of this, and try it on a tiny portion of your clothes beforehand.

4. Avoid using irons when removing wrinkles as it can potentially ruin the material. It's advisable to use a steamer instead. Afterwards, spray it with a fabric freshener.

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Leather is also a delicate material that should be closely monitored while cleaning it. It's nice to have clothes made out of this. It can really bring together an entire outfit when it's paired with the right things. Definitely helps you in looking cooler, and has become a staple in multiple people's wardrobes.

1. Leather that's expensive are limited to only being spot-cleaned and wiped. However, cheaper ones can be washed with the washing machine. Just be conscious of what soap you're using and that it's the right kind, and use cold water so the material doesn't warp.

2. Make sure that the leather clothing you're washing is of dark color, as the color may lighten in the wash.

3. Using castile soap is recommended as it's gentle and will be easy on the leather, which can be easily ruined with harsher soaps.
4. Put the soap into the detergent dispenser, as you would do with normal laundry detergent.

5. Make sure to have the washer cycle set to gentle, and that the water is cold. Using water and putting the cycle on the highest level can ruin your leather clothing.

6. Immediately remove the item from the washing machine when the cycle is over. Be sure that the clothing doesn't dry inside the machine.

7. Lay out the clothing while it's wet to bring back its shape. Smooth out any fold brought about by the wash.

8. It's best to let the leather dry naturally, or by putting in the dryer and using the lowest and gentlest setting. Make sure no heat is directed to your leather.

9. Finish it off by spraying leather condition into the fabric to restore its original texture

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Silk is a fancy and beautiful fabric to have. It adds class and sophistication to your outfits, and makes you look softer and delicate. Like the previous materials mentioned, this should also be washed properly. Poorly made silk will eventually get ruined in the wash, while most silk items sold in the market are usually washer-safe.

1. White and color fast silks should be washed in warm water, be sure it's not warmer than your skin temperature, with mild detergent.

2. 1/4 cup of white vinegar should be added after the initial rinse, to help in removing any residue of soap and bring back the luster of the fabric.

3. Lastly, thoroughly rinse the material with water again.

4. If you plan on ironing your silk clothing, always double check the label to be sure it's okay to be ironed. It's best to iron these garments while they're damp with a cool iron, and faced on the wrong side.

Fashion can be so fun, especially with the huge canvas you're provided with. It's fun to bring in different elements to your look, and you can do that by playing with various materials that have different textures. You're creativity and imagination aren't limited to anything and you can go crazy with multiple amazing outfit combinations. It's also a good thing to be able to reuse your clothes, without any damage caused from the wash. With the proper cleaning process, you'll be able to use your delicate materials over and over again to help you in making remarkable fashion statements.



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