Laundry Tips And Guidelines

Hectic lifestyles in modern fast-paced lives do not provide enough time for cleaning, drying and ironing of laundry to be done at home. Time has come for people to give these tasks to professionals in the laundry industry. Just like every cat loves fish but doesn’t want to get its paws wet, we want to wear clean and well-ironed clothes but we just can’t do the laundry duty by ourselves as well as a professional would do. Perhaps that is why Singapore laundry has continued to be more popular in all corners of the country.

Laundry Tips And Guidelines

What to check for in a laundry service provider

The most important facet of good laundry services is handling of laundry

You don’t want to take your clothes to a laundry and get them back in a worse off situation than they were in the beginning. The way linens are sorted and handled from the beginning to the end should aim at making the laundry better in all aspects. All sorts of contamination should be eliminated.

Timeliness services

It is important that the laundry company provides its services in a timely manner. It is very disappointing to go to work late just because your laundry company didn’t finish its assignment in time.


It is also important to check for how long the company has been operational. How many other customers have been served and what did they say about the services?

You need to ask yourself a myriad of questions when thinking about the effectiveness of the laundry company. For instance, what types of machines does the laundry company use? What chemicals are used? How is the water conserved? Does the overall process extend the life of the linen? What safety precautions are in place? How are stained removed? Is the quality and colour of fabric preserved? The answer to each of these questions should guide you in making a good choice. The company should be using the latest machines in the laundry industry for instance. The chemicals used in the processes should strengthen and preserve the fabrics of the laundry, and above all, all the laundry should be safe.

Handling of different clothes and different customers clothes

Clothes need to be sorted before any cleaning can begin. Colours should be separated from whites then the clothes are washed and dried in separate machines for each customer, to prevent mixing. Next, the clothes are ironed or folded, according to the customer’s requirements.

Laundry Tips And Guidelines

How special requirements are handled

It is important to consider the special requirements you have for your laundry. For instance, you would like fabric softer used on your laundry or hot water used instead of cold water. You may also need some of your clothes bleached. All these special services and more are offered by a reputable laundry service provider. Special items such as pillows, blankets, duvets, and comforters are also taken care of at pocket-friendly rates

Certifications and accreditations

The only way to be sure that you are working with a high-quality laundry service company is checking whether it has been certified by the relevant authorities. Certifications indicate that the company has a mastery of all the laundry services provided. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your laundry is being handled by a reputable company that has taken the trouble of getting certified and accredited.


We are in tough economic times and you should be able to get laundry services without breaking the wallet. However, it is important to ensure that you don’t just pick the cheapest laundry company and forget about the quality of service. Affordability should not translate to compromise on the quality of services offered.

Variety of services

It is good for a laundry company to offer a wide variety of services under one roof. Offering residential laundry, business laundry, hostel laundry, gym laundry, restaurant laundry, spa and saloon laundry, sports laundry, and healthcare and wellness laundry all under one roof is a step in the right direction because most of these laundry services go hand-in-hand. It is also advisable to choose a laundry company that offers laundry for exhibitions and events, Laundry for Singapore Armed Forces and laundry for orchestra groups among others, because the more laundry services provided, the more the experience and the higher the quality of service.

The role of Singapore laundry in long-term care

Laundry services in Singapore have contributed to the general health of several people. For instance, various hospitals have outsourced medical laundry services to laundry companies like Singapore laundry. We all know that when it comes to medical health care facilities, cleanliness is second to godliness. It would thus be very unhealthy and unprofessional for medical laundry services to be done by casual cleaners. Singapore laundry has also contributed to the long-term care and health of many people

Laundry Tips And Guidelines

Offering laundry services

People who are unwell and cannot, therefore, wash their clothes by themselves. It is very unhealthy for a person who is unwell to wash clothes, as coming into contact with cold water is a health hazard in itself.

Washing clothes in a clean environment

Laundry companies work in smoke-free environments that ensure that the laundry is fresh and clean when the returned to the customer.

Offering several services under one roof

Most laundry companies collect laundry from their customer’s homes, wash, dry and iron all the items professionally then transport them back to the customer’s home. This way, the whole task of laundry is off the customer’s mind, and he or she is free to engage in other more useful activities. This improves the standard of living, which has a direct bearing to the long-term care of the society in general.

Providing expertly sanitised linens

There is always a lower probability that professionally laundered goods are sources of bacterial infection that laundry that is washed at home

All said and done, it is important to let the professionals in the laundry business do the donkey work for you as you wait to put on your stunning outfits every day. Laundry professionals take care of the cleanliness of your laundry in a way that nobody else can.



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